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New fleet of electric buses now operating in Liverpool

01 November 17

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The Liverpool City Region will see its first commercial electric bus routes in service today, with 12 new electric buses being introduced in the final part of a £21 million investment into cutting edge green technology from Arriva Merseyside this year, demonstrating the bus firm’s continued efforts to improve air-quality in the region.

The buses are travelling on the City Centre Circular Routes 26 and 27, known as ‘The Belt’ which run from the city centre through Everton Valley, Anfield and Kensington. 

Electric Bus

The new BYD ADL Enviro200EV single deck pure electric buses have been designed by ADL & BYD using zero-emission technology and will join the 51 hybrid and 9 gas buses that came into Arriva’s fleet earlier this year.

Arriva recognises that increasing bus patronage and reducing private car use is a vital step to reducing air pollution. Research by Greener Journeys shows harmful emissions per passenger are 10 times worse in a modern diesel car compared to a modern diesel bus.

The introduction of these zero emission buses are also just one of the ways in which Arriva, as part of the Liverpool City Region Bus Alliance, with Merseytavel and Stagecoach, is encouraging more people to choose to travel by bus. The Bus Alliance has launched the ‘Better By Bus’ campaign, communicating the advantages of travelling by bus and the experience passengers can expect on the new fleets. Passengers can now enjoy exclusive ticket offers, smarter mobile ticketing apps and on-board technology solutions such as free wi-fi and USB charging points.

The new fully electric buses have been designed to operate without the need for disruptive ‘top up’ charging, covering up to 130 miles on a single charge, and being zero emission they are furthering Arriva’s mission to ‘Destination Green’.


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