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Arriva in the North West

Liverpool Biennial 2016

24 June 16

Liverpool Biennial has partnered with Arriva to launch a major new three-year commission – through which three Liverpool double-decker buses are being transformed into moving works of art. 

The first of the iconic buses hit the road earlier this week. Designed by Year 7 pupils from Childwall Sports & Science Academy, together with artists and designers Hato, the bus features coded messages from outer space for the future of Liverpool, to be interpreted by its citizens.

This ‘space bus’ pays homage to messages taken on board NASA’s Voyager spacecraft in 1977, which contained sound and images depicting life on Earth.

All three buses will be on the road throughout the Liverpool Biennial 2016 festival of contemporary art, running from 9 July until 16 October, and beyond. They will travel on different routes around North and South Liverpool and the Wirral and each one carries an extensive commentary on the artwork itself. Hop on and find out more!

The Biennial officially opens on 8th July.

Here you see pictures of the completed spacebus already in service and a peek into the Arriva bodyshop for progress on the other two. Can you guess what it is yet??

Completed spacebus