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Arriva Keeps it in the Family this Father's Day

15 June 18
Garbutt familyWhen his daughter was born in 1991, little did Billy Garbutt know that he and his new bundle of joy would form an extra special bond over his career in the not so distant future.

Billy from Claughton, Bidston, started as a driver in the Royal Corps transport when he left school at fifteen, acquiring his HGV license in Germany and then moving several times across the UK in various driving jobs. Now a bus driver with Arriva, Billy started his career with the company in 1994 and after almost 50 years of service in the transport industry, Billy’s work life balance was soon to experience quite a change when his daughter Kirsty decided to follow in his footsteps.

Billy aged 64 commented: “After seeing an advert calling for more drivers at Arriva, I instantly thought of my son who is a bus fanatic, and it wasn’t until Kirsty overheard me speaking to my son that she grabbed the opportunity with both hands and couldn’t wait to try her hand at something new.”

Billy, father to two other children, aged 28 & 25, welcomed Kirsty aged 26 to the Arriva family in December 2016, when Kirsty decided to leave her job working in the bakery at Asda.

Kirsty commented: “I’ve always loved driving and have a real fascination with big vehicles - which people find strange because I’m so small - but it’s just always been something that I’ve been drawn to. So, when I heard that Arriva were looking for more drivers it was like a dream come true and I just couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of a double decker bus!”

In the months following her application, Billy helped mentor Kirsty offering advice, tips and tricks on how to handle a bus and finesse her, already very capable, driving skills.

Billy commented: “It was great getting to show Kirsty the ropes and really show her exactly what it takes to be a good bus driver. I was so impressed with how well she took to the job, but that’s just Kirsty, when she sets her mind to something she can do anything.”

Now, father and daughter who live ten minutes apart, get to see each other almost daily when their paths cross on the road, and Billy admits that it’s great to see Kirsty’s smiling face every day.

Kirstie added: “I really can’t thank my dad enough for helping me find a job that I am so passionate about. He’s been such a great support over the last year and I’m amazed that I’ve found a career that I wake up looking forward to getting stuck in to every day.

Since starting the job, I definitely have a new-found admiration for my Dad and the length of time that he’s served in the bus industry, I would say he’s my inspiration.”

After joining her Father at Arriva, Kirsty’s enthusiasm for the bus industry and her relationship with her Dad has gone from strength to strength. Now, the pair, along with Kirsty’s brother, regularly visit bus conventions together at the weekend taking special edition Arriva buses to fayres across the UK.

Kirsty added: “I really love the special brick tiled bus that was created for the Liverpool Biennial we have at Arriva, so much so that I took it to a bus fayre with my Dad and brother in May and it was such a great day out spent together.

I think if you’d have told me that I would become such a bus fanatic five years ago I wouldn’t have believed you, so I really can’t thank my dad enough for inspiring me to try my hand at something new and find a job that I am so passionate about.

This Father’s Day 18th June, Kirsty will be treating her dad with a meal at his favourite restaurant, as well as enjoying a long walk with Kirsty’s dogs named Blitz, Yoshi & Charlie.

Kirsty finished: “My Dad has been such a great support over the last year and this Father’s Day I can’t way to show him just how much I appreciate everything that he’s done for me.”