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Arriva in the North West

Bustle FAQs

What is Bustle?

Bustle is a collection of podcasts, audiobooks and e-books as well as games and magazine content that we’re making available to our customers across our Arriva North West Network.


How can I connect?

Make sure you’re connected to Arriva WiFi on your device. Once connected you’ll be taken to a landing page from where you can choose to connect to the WiFi or select from the free on-board entertainment available in the Bustle portal. If no landing page appears automatically, then type


How can I use it?

You can listen to a podcast or an audiobook, read an e-book or play a game. If you want to browse the web, then select the button to connect.


How much does it cost?

WiFi and Bustle are entirely free of charge.


Do I need a contract?

You do not need a contract to view any of the content on Bustle. All licences and permissions to access the programmes are included.


Do I need to download an app?

Bustle is available on the browser of your device (whether that’s a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop) which means that an app isn’t required. However the portal is optimised to work on most browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox but older versions and less common browsers are not supported.


Do I need membership?

Membership isn’t needed, and you won’t be asked to create an account for any content. Some content providers might offer you the opportunity to sign-up for newsletters, promotions and offers, but this is between you and the content provider.


Can I download the content?

It’s not possible to save any of the content to individual devices.


Can I browse the internet?

Yes. You’ll need to select the ‘Connect’ option from the homepage. The normal WiFi limit of 70MB per session will apply to content downloaded from the internet whereas content used on Bustle doesn’t count towards your 70MB.


Is there any advertising?

Yes – there is advertising from our content providers and sponsors, subject to agreed content and products.


Who controls the content?

We use an independent media content supplier to obtain our material and our contract with them provides guidance on the type of content. We rely on their expertise and knowledge of the media providers to ensure programming meets this guidance.


What personal information does Bustle collect from my device?

Neither Bustle, nor the equipment and content suppliers keep any personal information when you use Bustle. We do monitor which content is chosen in order to maintain popular programming, as this helps informs us what our passengers would like to view. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information on data collection and usage.


Do you use cookies?

We need to use cookies to allow you to use certain feature Cookie information isn’t recorded and cookies are deleted after no more than 72 hours. We’re fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


Does it work in low signal areas?

As the content is carried on the bus, it’s not affected by poor reception in the way that internet access can fluctuate on parts of our network.


How often will the content be updated?

All content will be refreshed about once every three months, but content such as magazines will be updated more frequently.


What if I have a problem?

First, check that your device is correctly configured to connect to Arriva North West WiFi. If you continue to experience problems, follow the link on the landing page. Our on-board and station colleagues may be able to help, but they’re not trained or expected to resolve technical issues.


Where should I direct comments or complaints?

Please contact the Arriva customer services team.

It is best if possible to get the following information:

  • service route – bus fleet number if available
  • time/date
  • end user device


Does it work if the power goes off?

Unfortunately not. On the rare occasion a Bus loses power it’s important to retain battery power for as long as possible, so that only vital equipment will be supported.