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Engineering apprenticeships offer hands on training and development. Helping Arriva to find and grow its own highly skilled workforce.


Arriva North West and Wales currently have 18 Apprentices covering Body, Mechanical and Electrical all at different stages of their 4 year Apprenticeship. We are extremely proud of all the Apprentices accomplishments and are looking at recruiting a further 8 Apprentices towards the end of 2016.


Six Engineering Apprentice's at Arriva Bootle Garage

Pictured from top left

Ben Webster
Year3 Mechanical apprentice
Kieran Jones
Year 2 Mechanical apprentice
Callum O'Connor
Year 3 Mechanical apprentice
Joe Smith
Year 4 Mechanical apprentice
Chris Morgan
Year 2 Electrical apprentice
Adam MacIntosh
Year 4 Body apprentice


We would like to introduce you to some of the Apprentices who are still working towards their Apprenticeship and some who have been successful in gaining permanent employment.



Image of Arriva apprentice Daniel Aldridge

Daniel Aldridge, Birkenhead Garage, Year 1 Mechanical Apprentice

I have enjoyed the time I have been with Arriva and feel I have learnt a lot in the short time I’ve been here. City College is enjoyable and helps me understand things in more depth. The host family I stay with are really nice people and treat you as if you are their own. I share a room with another lad out of my Year and he brings his PlayStation so we have some entertainment. You have a Mentor at the garage who ensures you are receiving relevant training. Overall I really enjoy my apprenticeship and enjoy the college life in Coventry.


  • Toby Cooper, Chester Garage, Completed Apprenticeship, now full time Shift Fitter

I started my Apprenticeship in 2011 at Wrexham garage and then moved to Chester in 2014 where I completed my 4th year.

Although I enjoyed being at Wrexham moving to Chester gave me the opportunity to work on different vehicles and observe slightly different working practices. I was fortunate to gain the permanent position of Shift Fitter at Chester garage and in February 2016 I was nominated and went through to the finals of the Making a Difference Award (MAD).


  • Kieran Jones, St Helens Garage, Year 2 Mechanical Apprentice

I left school in 2014 and started my Apprenticeship at Speke garage in September. I was there for 12 months and was then asked to change my location and work in the St Helens garage. This has been an eye opener working on the various types of vehicles and I have had to adapt to different people’s working ethics. Currently I am helping out in Bootle depot and I believe that working in the various depots has given me valuable experience.

Image of Arriva apprentice Kieran Metcalfe


Kieran Metcalfe, Birkenhead Garage, Year 1 Mechanical Apprentice
I enjoy the challenge and the variety of the role. My experience of this apprenticeship is that it is a well-tuned programme that supports it’s young Apprentices and helps them to gain new skills and knowledge whether in the work place or at College.

The benefits of being an apprentice with this company is the resources and support that are on offer. For example this year we were given the challenge of restoring our Yard Tow Vehicle. All the Apprentices at Birkenhead have been spending their free time, giving it a new lick of paint, stripping the inside (including the pigeons!) and overhauling the mechanics and electrics on the vehicle. It’s work in progress but should be good for another 10 years once finished.


  • Kyle Bishop, Birkenhead Garage, Year 2 Electrical Apprentice

I am really enjoying my time as an Apprentice with Arriva. I feel I am making huge strides towards success, thanks to the support of my mentors, the management and the college lecturers. I ultimately hope to achieve success in my qualifications with college, and prove myself as an electrician so as to stand myself in the best position to be considered for a job at the end of my apprenticeship.

Taking part in all opportunities that are offered by work is important to me together with attending training course and taking part in all of the projects. Arriva provide lots of opportunities to expand your knowledge of the industry, outside of college work.


  • Guy Lowe, St Helens Garage, Completed Apprenticeship, now full time Shift Fitter

After being successful in all stages of the of the application process, I joined Arriva Southport as an Apprentice in 2011. I stayed in Southport throughout my 4 year apprenticeship whilst doing block release at City College, Coventry. During my time there I gained a lot of experience from all the staff.

After completing my 4 years I was then successful in my application for the permanent position as a Day Fitter in St. Helens where I am today and which I am really enjoying.


Image of Arriva apprentice Ryan DykesRyan Dykes, Chester Garage, Year 1 Electrical Apprentice
I was very happy to get this place as over 150 people applied and only 4 people were successful in gaining an apprenticeship. Arriva are such a well-known company in Europe. In my role I am learning lots of new and interesting things about bus engineering. My main role as an electrician is to undertake inspections on numerous types of buses trying to identify any defects on them that may cause problems on the road and then to fix the defect so that the bus can get back on the road. I am really enjoying my time here.



  • Joe Smith, Bootle Garage, Year 4 Mechanical Apprentice

I started my Arriva journey at Birkenhead Depot and stayed there for the first 2 years of my apprenticeship and it was a very insightful time of my career. I was then asked to further my career at Bootle garage. I have now completed my Level 3 NVQ in PCV maintenance and repair. I have enjoyed my journey so far and I am looking forward to any further opportunities that may arise in the meantime.


  • Joseph James, Birkenhead Garage, Year 1 Electrical Apprentice

I think the Apprenticeship is good because it offers a realistic alternative to University. I am really enjoying my time here and feel I have made progress with the help of my Mentor and the Management Team. I attend City College in Coventry to look at the theory side of electrics and mechanics. The first time I went to College was a bit daunting but you get over that fear very quickly and I have made a lot of friends in College. I am one of the four Apprentices that are currently revamping the Yard Tow Vehicle.


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