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Revisions to Services in Redcar, Eston & Guisborough areas from 17th July 2016

Start Date: 01/11/2018

End Date: 22/11/2018

Location: Redcar

Details on revisions to services in Redcar, Eston, Grangetown & Guisborough from Sunday 17th July 2016.


Passengers are advised that the following services will be revised from Sunday 17th July 2016.

[UPDATED] Following discussions with Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, Sunday & Bank Holiday Service 81 journeys will continue to operate.

These revisions are being made following analysis of service punctuality, customer feedback and also reduction of subsidy from both Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council on certain services within the area.

The key changes are as follows;

  • Service 22 will be renumbered Service 62/62A with route and timetable revisions
  • Service 64/64A will see timetable revision, plus route revisions in Grangetown & Redcar
  • Service 81/81A will see a reduced frequency overall
  • Service 746/747 will be withdrawn and replaced, in parts by revisions to Service 64 and X3
  • Reinstatement of daytime service for Hunters Hill in Guisborough


Full details by service are as follows;

Service 22 - Middlesbrough to Ings Farm
This service will be renumbered as Service 62/62A, please see below. For passengers who use the service from Ings Farm, Borough Road or Lilac Grove in Redcar, please see revised Service 64/64A below.

Service 28 - Middlesbrough to Lingdale
There will be no changes to the timetable for this service, however within Guisborough, journeys that omit Hunters Hill will be revised to operate via Hutton Lane and Westgate and will not serve Rectory Lane or New Road (except for journeys that operate via Hunters Hill). Revised Service 81 (below) will serve Rectory Lane and New Road from this date.

Service 62/62A - Middlesbrough to New Marske
NEW Service 62/62A will operate every 30 minutes between Middlesbrough & New Marske, via the existing Service 22 route between Middlesbrough & Redcar and the existing Service 64 route between Redcar and New Marske.

There will be a revised timetable in place throughout and all Sunday daytime journeys will be revised to operate to their normal Mon-Sat daytime routes, introducing a Sunday daytime service to Fabian Road and Church Lane. All Sunday journeys will additionally serve Ings Farm.

Evening journeys will be renumbered to operate as Service 62A and will omit Church Lane, Fabian Road and Birchington Avenue in Grangetown.

Service 63 - Middlesbrough to Redcar
A revised route and timetable will be in place, due to the new bus stop on Moore St in Redcar not being available as of yet, all Service 63 journeys will operate via Lord Street to Redcar Lane, then run via High Street westbound, serving the stop at Wilkinsons.

There will also be some revisions to last buses from Redcar on an evening, plus earlier buses from Eston during the week towards Middlesbrough and the first Sunday bus towards Middlesbrough starting from Redcar Centre.

Service 64/64A - Middlesbrough to Ings Farm
This service will see a full timetable revision, plus minor route revisions in Grangetown & Redcar. Service 64 will continue to operate half hourly between Middlesbrough & Redcar, however within Redcar buses will no longer serve Low Farm Drive (see revised Service 81 instead) and will also operate via the current Service 22 route between Redcar Centre and Ings Farm.

There will be some earlier Service 64 journeys introduced between Redcar & Middlesbrough, to provide new options for passengers who would normally catch Service 746/747, which is to be withdrawn following loss of local authority subsidy.

In Grangetown Service 64A will no longer serve Eston Tesco grounds due to poor usage from the store. Instead, most Service 64A journeys will terminate by way of a clockwise loop of Whale Hill, Fabian Road, Church Lane, Trunk Road back to Birchington Avenue. Passengers can board or alight at any point on the loop and allows for direct link between parts of Fabian Road, Church Lane and Eston Square, which is currently not available.

Sunday & evening service 64A will all operate via Middlesbrough Town Hall (as the evening journeys do now) and will also terminate as per the above loop in Grangetown, introducing new Sunday daytime and evening services to the area.

Service 81/81A - Marske Estate to Stokesley
Following a review of the financial performance, service punctuality and recent loss of significant local authority support, regrettably this service will be reduced to hourly Mon-Sat between Stokesley & Marske Estate. Service 81A will be withdrawn, however Service 81 will be revised to serve Redcar East, via the same route as Service 81A now.

We will be able to offer a half hourly frequency between Redcar & Hutton Gate in Guisborough during Mon-Fri morning and afternoon peak times, to maintain the frequency at the busiest times of the day.

In addition, we're making some small developmental steps to the service following feedback received. From 17th July, this service will additionally serve Hunters Hill estate in Guisborough, all day, providing convenient and regular links to Stokesley, Guisborough and Redcar for residents in this area. Service 28 will also continue to provide peak time links to Middlesbrough as per current arrangements. Due to this, Service 81 will operate via New Road & Rectory Lane instead of Hutton Lane in full (see Service 28 for Hutton Lane beyond Aldenham Road).

Furthermore, within Redcar, Service 81 will be revised to serve Low Farm Drive, Mersey Road and Corporation Road instead of Kirkleatham Lane and Coatham Road. Alternatives are available on Services 22 and 64 for this area. This revision to the route provides an improved access to Redcar Primary Care Hospital, plus better and more convenient option for students of Sacred Heart School and Redcar College to travel between Redcar and Guisborough.

Service 746/747
Due to the withdrawal of local authority funding, this service will be withdrawn from 17th July 2016, however additional earlier journeys will operate on Service 64 and X3 to accommodate as many regular passengers on these services as possible.

Service X3/X3A
There will be a full timetable revision on this service, however the routes will remain as now. There will be earlier Service X3 journeys from Skelton towards Redcar & Middlesbrough due to the withdrawal of Service 746/747.

Service X4/4
From 17th July, Service 4 will be renumbered X4, to allow buses to run between Middlesbrough and Whitby as Service X4 in full. Furthermore, there will be revisions to the timetable, especially at peak times between Middlesbrough & East Cleveland.

Also, due to popularity of this service, from 17th July until 29th August, on Sundays and Bank Holidays, we will be offering a 30 minutes frequency between Redcar & Whitby on Service X4 during the day to accommodate the increasing demand. After 29th August, the Sunday frequency will return to hourly as per now. Similar dates for 2017 will be advertised closer to the time.


Revised timetables are now available online, by clicking the links to the top right of this page, or printed timetables will be available on bus, in our travel shops and all usual stockists very soon.

Services affected

62, 62A
28, 28A
64, 64A
81, 81A
3, X3, X3A

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