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Arriva in the North East

Newcastle Upon Tyne to Cobalt Business Park

via Coast Road and Willington Square

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Route Map

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Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station06:5007:2007:5008:25
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket St Mary's Place06:5007:2007:5008:25
Battle Hill Coast Road-Embleton Avenue07:0307:3308:0308:38
Battle Hill Tyne Met Coast Road Campus07:0407:3408:0408:39
HIgh Howdon Middle Engine Lane-B&q-N07:0407:3408:0408:39
Silverlink Middle Engine Lane Atmel07:0507:3508:0508:40
Cobalt Business Park South07:0607:3608:0608:41
Cobalt Atmel Way07:0707:3708:0708:42
Cobalt Link Road - North07:0807:3808:0808:43
Cobalt Silver Fox Way-Procter & Gamble07:0807:3808:0808:43
Cobalt Quicksilver Way - Orange07:0907:3908:0908:44
Cobalt Business Park07:1007:4008:1008:45

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