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Arriva in the North East

Darlington to Spennymoor

via Newton Aycliffe and Ferryhill

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Route Map

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Darlington Tubwell Row06:5507:55Then
North Lodge Park06:5707:575716:5717:57
North Lodge Odeon Cinema06:5807:585816:5817:58
North Road (Darlington) Station Road06:5907:595916:5917:59
North Road (Darlington) Morrisons07:0008:000017:0018:00
North Road (Darlington) Westmoreland Street07:0008:000017:0018:00
North Road (Darlington) Brougham Street07:0108:010117:0118:01
North Road (Darlington) St Thomas Aquinas Church07:0208:020217:0218:02
Harrowgate Hill Thompson Street07:0208:020217:0218:02
Harrowgate Hill Lowson Street07:0308:030317:0318:03
Harrowgate Hill Roundabout07:0408:040417:0418:04
Harrowgate Hill Ashleigh House07:0508:050517:0518:05
Beaumont Hill Whessoe Parish Hall07:0508:050517:0518:05
Beaumont Hill Nurseries07:0608:060617:0618:06
Beaumont Hill Hartlea Avenue07:0608:060617:0618:06
Coatham Mundeville Ketton Hall Farm07:0708:070717:0718:07
Coatham Mundeville Broadway07:0708:070717:0718:07
Coatham Mundeville Foresters Arms07:0908:090917:0918:09
Aycliffe Village Stainton Lane07:1008:101017:1018:10
Aycliffe Village North Briton07:1108:111117:1118:11
Aycliffe Village Royal Telegraph07:1208:121217:1218:12
Aycliffe Village Durham Road07:1208:121217:1218:12
Newton Aycliffe North East Gate07:1508:151517:1518:15
Newton Aycliffe Groat Avenue07:1608:161617:1618:16
Newton Aycliffe Finchale Rd-St Cuthberts Way07:1708:171717:1718:17
Newton Aycliffe St Cuthberts Way - WMC07:1808:181817:1818:18
Newton Aycliffe Central Avenue07:1908:191917:1918:19
Newton Aycliffe Central Avenue Tesco07:1908:191917:1918:19
Newton Aycliffe St Marys School07:2008:202017:2018:20
Newton Aycliffe Vane Road - School07:2008:202017:2018:20
Newton Aycliffe Young People's centre07:2108:212117:2118:21
Woodham Burn Hamlet07:2308:232317:2318:23
Rushyford Woodham Carrsides Farm07:2408:242417:2418:24
Rushyford Eden Arms - A16707:2608:262617:2618:26
Chilton Rushyford Drive07:2708:272717:2718:27
Chilton Working Mens Club07:2708:272717:2718:27
Chilton Wheatsheaf07:2808:282817:2818:28
Chilton Church07:2808:282817:2818:28
Chilton Cragside07:2908:292917:2918:29
Chilton Hall07:3008:303017:3018:30
Chilton Lane Laurel Road07:3208:323217:3218:32
Chilton Lane Cochrane Terrace07:3208:323217:3218:32
Chilton Lane Surtees Arms07:3308:333317:3318:33
Chilton Lane Church07:3308:333317:3318:33
Ferryhill Station Chilton Lane - Trafalger St07:3408:343417:3418:34
Ferryhill Station Eldon Arms07:3508:353517:3518:35
Ferryhill Gladstone Terrace07:3508:353517:3518:35
Ferryhill Osbourne Terrace07:3608:363617:3618:36
Ferryhill Rutherford Terrace07:3708:373717:3718:37
Ferryhill Broom Road-Primary School07:3808:383817:3818:38
Ferryhill Manor Farm - Manor View07:3908:393917:3918:39
Ferryhill Manor Farm - Wood Lane07:3908:393917:3918:39
Ferryhill Town Centre07:4108:414117:4118:41
Ferryhill Dean Bank Youth Club07:4108:414117:4118:41
Ferryhill Dean Bank Hackworth St07:4208:424217:4218:42
Ferryhill Dean Bank Villas07:4208:424217:4218:42
Ferryhill Dean Bank Aged Miners07:4308:434317:4318:43
Ferryhill Academy07:4308:434317:4318:43
Kirk Merrington Vicarage07:4608:464617:4618:46
Kirk Merrington Green07:4708:474717:4718:47
North Close The Croft07:4808:484817:4818:48
North Close Farm07:4808:484817:4818:48
Middlestone Moor South View - Rock Road07:4908:494917:4918:49
Middlestone Moor South View - Central Drive07:5008:505017:5018:50
Middlestone Moor Central Drive - Shops07:5108:515117:5118:51
Middlestone Moor Central Drive - Rock Road07:5108:515117:5118:51
Spennymoor Four Lane Ends07:5108:515117:5118:51
Spennymoor Whitworth Terrace07:5208:525217:5218:52
Spennymoor Charles Street07:5308:535317:5318:53
Spennymoor Cheapside Stand F07:5408:545417:5418:54
Spennymoor High Street07:5508:555517:5518:55

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Travel across Spennymoor to Ferryhill...

Service 8 continues from Spennymoor to Ferryhill, via York Hill and DurhamGate during Monday to Saturday daytimes, through fares are available.

Please see Service 8A timetable below for full details;

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