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Arriva in the North East

Regent Centre to Tyneview Park

via South Gosforth and Four Lane Ends

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Route Map

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Brunswick Village Sandy Lane-West End06:48--
Brunswick Village Sandy Lane-Industrial Estate06:48--
Brunswick Village Sandy Lane - Grey Street06:48--
Brunswick Village Darrell Street06:49--
Wideopen Stalks Road06:49--
Wideopen Great North Road-Harrow Gardens06:50--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Rydal Terrace06:51--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Birchwood Avenue06:51--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane06:51--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Ferguson Crescent06:52--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Ryall Avenue06:52--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane - Lola Street06:53--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Morley Hill Farm06:53--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Woodlands06:53--
Hazlerigg Coach Lane-Havannah Works06:54--
Kingston Park Brunton Road-Esher Court06:56--
Kingston Park Brunton Road-Teddington Close06:57--
Kingston Park Tudor Way - Lydford Court06:58--
Kingston Park Tudor Way-Petherton Court06:59--
Brunton Lane - Kingston Park Shops07:03--
Kingston Park Windsor Way-Hersham Close07:04--
Kingston Park Windsor Way-Windsor Walk07:04--
Kingston Park Windsor Way-Fawdon Walk07:05--
Fawdon Kingston Park Road07:08--
Fawdon Kingston Park Road-Shaftoe Court07:10--
Gosforth Broadway West-Playing Fields07:11--
Gosforth Broadway West-Highbridge07:12--
Gosforth Great North Road-Broadway East07:13--
Gosforth Great North Road-Park Avenue07:14--
Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange07:1508:15
Gosforth Lansdowne Terrace07:1608:16
Gosforth Church Road - Rotherwell Road07:1708:17
South Gosforth Church Avenue-Church Road07:2008:20
South Gosforth Roundabout07:2108:21
South Gosforth Roundabout07:2208:22
South Gosforth Benton Park Road-Wiseton Court07:2308:23
High Heaton HMRC Benton Park View07:2508:25
Longbenton Benton Park Road-Hobart Gardens07:2608:26
Longbenton Benton Park Road-Trentham Avenue07:2708:27
Four Lane Ends Benton Park Road-Balliol Gardens07:2708:27
Four Lane Ends Interchange07:3008:30
Benton Front Street-College Lane07:3108:31
Benton Front Street-School07:3208:32
Benton DWP Tyneview Park07:3508:35

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