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Arriva in the North East

Newcastle Upon Tyne to Whitley Bay

via Killingworth and Shiremoor

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Service Overview

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Service Details

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Route Map

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Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station08:4509:45Then
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Barras Bridge08:4509:454517:4518:45
Newcastle upon Tyne Great North Road-Clayton Road08:4709:474717:4718:47
West Jesmond Great North Road-Mooracres08:4809:484817:4818:48
West Jesmond Great North Road-Forsyth Road08:4909:494917:4918:49
West Jesmond Great North Road-Blue House08:5009:505017:5018:50
Gosforth Great North Road-The Drive08:5109:515117:5118:51
Gosforth High Street-Graham Park Road08:5109:515117:5118:51
Gosforth High Street-West Avenue08:5209:525217:5218:52
Gosforth High Street - Ivy Road08:5309:535317:5318:53
Gosforth Church Road - Rotherwell Road08:5309:535317:5318:53
South Gosforth Church Avenue-Church Road08:5509:555517:5518:55
South Gosforth Roundabout08:5609:565617:5618:56
South Gosforth Roundabout08:5709:575717:5718:57
Longbenton Salters Lane-Salters Bridge08:5809:585817:5818:58
Longbenton West Farm Avenue-Salters Lane08:5909:595917:5918:59
Longbenton West Farm Avenue-Monks Park Way09:0010:000018:0019:00
Longbenton West Farm Avenue - Blackfriars Way09:0110:010118:0119:01
Longbenton West Farm Avenue-Stoneleigh Avenue09:0110:010118:0119:01
Longbenton Benton Lane-Hollington Avenue09:0210:020218:0219:02
Longbenton Benton Lane-Myreside Place09:0210:020218:0219:02
Benton Quorum Park Entrance09:0410:040418:0419:04
West Moor Benton Lane-Findus09:0410:040418:0419:04
West Moor Benton Lane-Westmoor Drive09:0610:060618:0619:06
West Moor Great Lime Road - Armstrong Drive09:0610:060618:0619:06
West Moor Great Lime Road-Blucher Road09:0710:070718:0719:07
Killingworth Southgate-Norgas House09:0810:080818:0819:08
Killingworth Southgate-School09:0910:090918:0919:09
Killingworth Bus Station09:1110:111118:1119:11
Killingworth East Bailey-Garth 2009:1210:121218:1219:12
Killingworth East Bailey - Garth 2409:1310:131318:1319:13
Killingworth Simonside Way-Cragside Gardens09:1310:131318:1319:13
Killingworth Simonside Way-Harwood Drive09:1410:141418:1419:14
Holywell Killingworth Lane09:1610:161618:1619:16
Holywell Backworth Lane09:1810:181818:1819:18
Holywell Backworth09:1810:181818:1819:18
Holywell Station Road-Nursery09:1910:191918:1919:19
Backworth Station Road-Business Park09:1910:191918:1919:19
Backworth Station Road-Havelock Road09:2110:212118:2119:21
Backworth Earsdon Road-Station Road09:2210:222218:2219:22
Shiremoor Earsdon Road-Co-Operative Terrace09:2210:222218:2219:22
Shiremoor Earsdon Road-Middle School09:2310:232318:2319:23
Shiremoor Park Lane-Clara Avenue09:2410:242418:2419:24
Park Lane - Shiremoor Metro09:2510:252518:2519:25
Shiremoor Park Lane-Park Grove09:2510:252518:25--
Shiremoor Park Lane-Brenkley Avenue09:2510:252518:25--
Shiremoor Park Lane-Boundry Mills09:2610:262618:26--
Shiremoor New York Road-Davidson Garage09:2610:262618:26--
New York Road-Depot09:2710:272718:27--
New York Road-Adderstone Gardens09:2910:292918:29--
New York Road - Coronation Terrace09:2910:292918:29--
New York Rake Lane-Billy Mill Lane09:3010:303018:30--
New York Rake Lane-Devon Road09:3010:303018:30--
Preston Grange North Tyneside Hospital09:3210:323218:32--
Preston Grange Rake Lane-Cotswold Road09:3210:323218:32--
Preston Grange Rake Lane-Foxhunters09:3310:333318:33--
Monkseaton Shields Road09:3410:343418:34--
Monkseaton Whitley Bay Ice Rink09:3510:353518:35--
Monkseaton Hillheads Road-Railway Inn09:3510:353518:35--
Whitley Bay Park Avenue - Whitley Road09:3710:373718:37--
Whitley Bay Whitley Road - Park Avenue09:3810:383818:38--

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