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Arriva in the North East
49, 49A

Durham to Brandon

via Langley Moor

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Route Map

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Durham Bus Station08:4509:1509:45Then
Durham Crossgate Peth - Bottom08:4609:1609:46164618:1618:46
Durham St Margarets School08:4709:1709:47174718:1718:47
Neville's Cross Church08:4709:1709:47174718:1718:47
Neville's Cross Post Office08:4809:1809:48184818:1818:48
Neville's Cross Inn08:5009:1909:50195018:1918:50
Langley Moor Holiday Park Gates08:5109:2109:51215118:2118:51
Langley Moor Boyne Hotel - Front Street--09:22--22--18:22--
Langley Moor Nursery School--09:22--22--18:22--
Brandon Tiree Close--09:24--24--18:24--
Brandon High Shaws--09:24--24--18:24--
Brandon High Shaws - Stack Garth--09:25--25--18:25--
Langley Moor Boyne Hotel - High Street08:52--09:52--52--18:52
Langley Moor Shops08:52--09:52--52--18:52
Langley Moor Mill Road08:52--09:52--52--18:52
Meadowfield Council Offices08:54--09:54--54--18:54
Meadowfield Browney Lane End - Club08:55--09:55--55--18:55
Brandon Lowland Road - Co-op Store08:56--09:56--56--18:56
Brandon Lane Stores--09:28--28--18:28--
Brandon Vicarage Flats--09:29--29--18:29--
Brandon Grove Road End08:5709:3009:57305718:3018:57
Brandon Grove Rd - Murray Chapel08:5809:3109:58315818:3118:58
Brandon Grove Rd - Sainsburys08:5909:3209:59325918:3218:59
Brandon Briar Avenue - Blackthorn Close08:5909:3209:59325918:3218:59
Brandon Briar Avenue-Bell Meadow08:5909:3209:59325918:3218:59
Brandon Briar Avenue-Cypress Court09:0009:3310:00330018:3319:00
Brandon Grove Road End09:0009:3410:00340018:3419:00
Brandon Vicarage Flats09:01--10:01--01--19:01
Brandon Lane Stores09:02--10:02--02--19:02
Brandon Lane - Linden Park Junction09:03--10:03--03--19:03
Brandon Welfare Linden Park09:04--10:04--04--19:04
Brandon Bus Turning Circle09:0509:2610:05260518:2619:05
Brandon Welfare Linden Park--09:27--27--18:27--
Brandon Lane - Linden Park Junction--09:27--27--18:27--
Brandon Lowland Road - Co-op Store--09:35--35--18:35--
Brandon Carr Avenue--09:35--35--18:35--
Meadowfield Station Road--09:35--35--18:35--
Meadowfield Browney Lane End - Club--09:36--36--18:36--
Meadowfield Tennyson House--09:36--36--18:36--
Meadowfield Council Offices--09:37--37--18:37--
Langley Moor St Patrick's Church--09:37--37--18:37--
Langley Moor Mill Road--09:38--38--18:38--
Langley Moor Shops--09:38--38--18:38--
Langley Moor Boyne Hotel - High Street--09:39--39--18:39--
Brandon High Shaws - Stack Garth09:06--10:06--06--19:06
Brandon High Shaws09:06--10:06--06--19:06
Brandon Tiree Close09:06--10:06--06--19:06
Langley Moor Nursery School09:08--10:08--08--19:08
Langley Moor Boyne Hotel - Front Street09:09--10:09--09--19:09
Langley Moor Holiday Park Gates09:0909:3910:09390918:3919:09
Neville's Cross Inn09:1109:4110:11411118:4119:11
Neville's Cross Bank Foot09:1109:4110:11411118:4119:11
Neville's Cross Post Office09:1209:4210:12421218:4219:12
Neville's Cross Church09:1309:4310:13431318:4319:13
Durham Crossgate Peth - Bottom09:1409:4410:14441418:4419:14
Durham Bus Station09:1609:4610:16461618:4619:16

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