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Arriva in the North East

Durham to Esh Winning

via Ushaw Moor

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Route Map

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Esh Winning Rowley Crescent08:4809:48Then
Esh Winning Western Avenue08:5009:505022:5023:50
Esh Winning Newhouse Rd - Western Avenue08:5009:505022:5023:50
Esh Winning Newhouse Farm08:5109:515122:5123:51
Esh Winning Newhouse Club08:5209:525222:5223:52
Esh Winning Ridding Road bottom08:5309:535322:5323:53
Esh Winning Ridding Road - The Larches08:5309:535322:5323:53
Esh Winning County Primary School08:5409:545422:5423:54
Esh Winning Lymington Crossing08:5509:555522:5523:55
Esh Winning Stags Head08:5609:565622:5623:56
Esh Winning RCSchool08:5609:565622:5623:56
Esh Winning Morleys Opening08:5609:565622:5623:56
Esh Winning Morleys South Terrace08:5609:565622:5623:56
Esh Winning Sewage Works08:5709:575722:5723:57
Esh Winning Flass Terrace08:5709:575722:5723:57
Esh Winning Road End08:5809:585822:5823:58
Ushaw Moor East Flass Farm08:5809:585822:5823:58
Ushaw Moor College Road End08:5909:595922:5923:59
Ushaw Moor Joyce Terr - Deerness Vw09:0010:000023:0000:00
Ushaw Moor White House Farm09:0010:000023:0000:00
Ushaw Moor St Lukes Church09:0110:010123:0100:01
Ushaw Moor Flass Inn09:0210:020223:0200:02
Ushaw Moor Victoria Court09:0310:030323:0300:03
Ushaw Moor Bracken Court09:0310:030323:0300:03
Ushaw Moor Oakridge Road09:0410:040423:0400:04
Ushaw Moor Valley View09:0510:050523:0500:05
Ushaw Moor Valley View Garage09:0510:050523:0500:05
Ushaw Moor Broomhall Drive09:0610:060623:0600:06
Broompark The Loves09:0810:080823:0800:08
Broompark Relly Farm09:0910:090923:0900:09
Neville's Cross Broom Lane End09:1010:101023:1000:10
Neville's Cross Bank Foot09:1110:111123:1100:11
Neville's Cross Church09:1210:121223:1200:12
Durham Crossgate Peth - Bottom09:1310:131323:1300:13
Durham Bus Station09:1510:151523:1500:15

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