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Arriva in the North East

Blyth to Newcastle upon Tyne

via Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay and Coast Road

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Route Map

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Blyth Bus Station06:1107:11Then
Blyth Wellington Street06:1107:111122:1123:11
Blyth Belgrave Crescent06:1207:121222:1223:12
Blyth Wensleydale Terrace06:1207:121222:1223:12
Blyth Gordon Road06:1207:121222:1223:12
South Beach Wellesley Home06:1307:131322:1323:13
South Beach Links Road06:1407:141422:1423:14
South Beach Cemetery06:1507:151522:1523:15
South Beach Gloucester Lodge Farm06:1507:151522:1523:15
South Beach Links car park06:1707:171722:1723:17
Seaton Sluice Astley Arms06:1807:181822:1823:18
Seaton Sluice Roundabout06:1907:191922:1923:19
Seaton Sluice Post Office06:2007:202022:2023:20
Seaton Sluice Millway06:2007:202022:2023:20
Seaton Sluice Hartley Square06:2207:222222:2223:22
Whitley Bay Blyth Road06:2407:242422:2423:24
Whitley Bay The Links - Cemetery06:2407:242422:2423:24
Whitley Bay The Links-Hastings Avenue06:2507:252522:2523:25
Whitley Bay The Links-Briar Dene06:2607:262622:2623:26
Whitley Bay The Links-Kingston Drive06:2707:272722:2723:27
Whitley Bay The Links-St Marys Avenue06:2707:272722:2723:27
Whitley Bay The Links - Eastbourne Gardens06:2807:282822:2823:28
Whitley Bay Park Avenue06:3007:303022:3023:30
Whitley Bay Park Avenue - York Road06:3107:313122:3123:31
Whitley Bay Whitley Road - Park Avenue06:3207:323222:3223:32
Monkseaton Hillheads Road-Railway Inn06:3307:333322:3323:33
Monkseaton Whitley Bay Ice Rink06:3407:343422:3423:34
Monkseaton Shields Road06:3507:353522:3523:35
Preston Grange Rake Lane-Foxhunters06:3607:363622:3623:36
Preston Grange Rake Lane-Cedar Court06:3707:373722:3723:37
Preston Grange North Tyneside Hospital06:3807:383822:3823:38
New York Rake Lane-Falmouth Road06:3807:383822:3823:38
New York Billy Mill Lane-Barnstable Road06:4007:404022:4023:40
Billy Mill Lane-Cragside Avenue06:4107:414122:4123:41
Billy Mill Lynn Road06:4107:414122:4123:41
Billy Mill Lynn Road - Heaton Terrace06:4207:424222:4223:42
Billy Mill Coast Road - Glanton Road06:4307:434322:4323:43
West Chirton Coast Road-Norham Road South06:4407:444422:44--
Silverlink Shopping Park06:4607:464622:46--
Howdon Willington Square06:4807:484822:48--
Howdon Coast Road-Gibson Street06:4807:484822:48--
Holy Cross Coast Road-St Peters Road06:4907:494922:49--
Holy Cross Coast Road-Wallsend Dene06:5007:505022:50--
Holy Cross Coast Road-Kings Vale Estate06:5007:505022:50--
Wallsend High Farm06:5107:515122:51--
Wallsend Coast Road-Station Road06:5207:525222:52--
Wallsend Coast Road-Devonshire Gardens06:5307:535322:53--
Heaton Coast Road-Benfield Road06:5507:555522:55--
Heaton Coast Road-St Albans Crescent06:5607:565622:56--
Heaton Stephenson Road-Chillingham Road06:5707:575722:57--
Heaton Coast Road Corner House06:5707:575722:57--
Jesmond Cradlewell07:0008:000023:00--
Jesmond Vale Sandyford Road-Cemetery07:0208:020223:02--
Jesmond Vale Sandyford07:0208:020223:02--
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Rd-Council Offices07:0308:030323:03--
Newcastle upon Tyne Sandyford Road-Civic Centre07:0508:050523:05--
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket St Mary's Place07:0608:060623:06--
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station07:0708:070723:07--

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