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Arriva in the North East
17, 17A, X17

Middlesbrough to Ingleby Barwick/Yarm/Stockton

via Thornaby

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Route Map

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Middlesbrough Brentnall Street----Then
Middlesbrough Bus Station Stand 1210:3011:303018:30--
Middlesbrough Town Hall10:3311:333318:3319:33
Middlesbrough Cleveland Centre10:3311:333318:3319:33
Middlesbrough Garnet Street10:3411:343418:3419:34
Middlesbrough The Swatters Carr10:3411:343418:3419:34
Ayresome Gresham Road10:3511:353518:3519:35
Ayresome Dorman Museum10:3611:363618:3619:36
Linthorpe St Barnabas Church10:3611:363618:3619:36
Linthorpe Village10:3711:373718:3719:37
Linthorpe Lancaster Road10:3811:383818:3819:38
Linthorpe Conservative Club10:3911:393918:3919:39
Linthorpe Cherryfield Drive10:4011:404018:4019:40
Linthorpe Northgate Road10:4011:404018:4019:40
Linthorpe Baptist Church10:4111:414118:4119:41
Linthorpe Levick Court10:4211:424218:4219:42
Whinney Banks Acklam Green Centre10:4311:434318:4319:43
Acklam Pannell Avenue10:4311:434318:4319:43
Acklam Rockingham Court10:4411:444418:4419:44
Acklam The Coronation10:4511:454518:4519:45
Acklam Cranford Gardens10:4511:454518:4519:45
Acklam Lexden Avenue10:4611:464618:4619:46
Whinney Banks Heythrop Drive10:4611:464618:4619:46
Thornaby Stainsby Gate10:4811:484818:4819:48
Thornaby Wensleydale Gardens10:4811:484818:4819:48
Thornaby Town Centre - Lidl10:5011:505018:5019:50
Thornaby Town Centre - The Golden Eagle10:5011:505018:5019:50
Thornaby Town Centre - Tees House10:5111:515118:5119:50
Thornaby Christ the King School10:5211:525218:5219:52
Thornaby Lancaster Way10:5311:535318:5319:53
Thornaby Hastings Close10:5511:555518:5519:54
Thornaby Blackbush Walk10:5511:555518:5519:54
Thornaby Teesside School of Music10:5611:565618:5619:55
Ingleby Barwick Barwick Lodge10:5711:575718:5719:56
Ingleby Barwick Stainforth Gardens10:5811:585818:5819:57

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