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Arriva in the North East

SAPPHIRE - Darlington to Tow Law

via Shildon, Bishop Auckland and Crook

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Route Map

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Darlington Tubwell Row09:0510:05Then
Darlington Four Riggs09:0710:070717:0718:07
Darlington Maude Street09:0710:070717:0718:07
Darlington Holy Trinity Church09:0810:080817:0818:08
Pierremont St Teresa's Hospice09:0910:090917:0918:09
Pierremont Crescent09:0910:090917:0918:09
Pierremont Dene Grove09:1010:101017:1018:10
Cockerton Library09:1010:101017:1018:10
Cockerton Brinkburn Road09:1110:111117:1118:11
Cockerton Laing Street09:1110:111117:1118:11
Cockerton Auckland Oval09:1210:121217:1218:12
Faverdale Beck House09:1210:121217:1218:12
Faverdale Westgate Crescent09:1310:131317:1318:13
West Park John Fowler Way09:1510:151517:1518:15
Burtree Gate09:1710:171717:1718:17
Heighington Village Hall09:2210:222217:2218:22
Heighington Hall Lane09:2210:222217:2218:22
Redworth Hall Hotel09:2310:232317:2318:23
Redworth Surtees Road09:2410:242417:2418:24
Redworth Red House Farm09:2510:252517:2518:25
Shildon Redworth Road-Industrial Estate09:2710:272717:2718:27
Shildon All Saints - Redworth Road09:2710:272717:2718:27
Shildon All Saints - Dale Road09:2710:272717:2718:27
Shildon Dale Road Industrial Estate09:2810:282817:2818:28
Shildon Hilsdon Drive - Spout Lane09:2810:282817:2818:28
Shildon Hilsdon Drive09:2910:292917:2918:29
Shildon Jubilee Crescent - Maple Court09:2910:292917:2918:29
Shildon Jubilee Road - Chestnut Close09:3010:303017:3018:30
Shildon Jubilee Road - Coronation Ave09:3110:313117:3118:31
Shildon Jubilee Road - School09:3110:313117:3118:31
Shildon King William09:3310:333317:3318:33
Shildon St Johns Church09:3310:333317:3318:33
Shildon Main Street09:3410:343417:3418:34
Shildon Auckland Terrace - Waterloo Terrace09:3410:343417:3418:34
Shildon Auckland Terrace09:3510:353517:3518:35
Shildon Busty Terrace09:3610:363617:3618:36
South Church Rosemount Garage09:3710:373717:3718:37
South Church Rosemount Road09:3810:383817:3818:38
South Church Main Street09:3910:393917:3918:39
Bishop Auckland 51-67 St Andrews Road09:4010:404017:4018:40
Bishop Auckland Cabin Gate09:4210:424217:4218:42
Bishop Auckland Cockton Hill Club09:4310:434317:4318:43
Bishop Auckland General Hospital09:4410:444417:4418:44
Bishop Auckland Railway Station bus stop09:4410:444417:4418:44
Bishop Auckland Newgate Street - Medical Centre09:4510:454517:4518:45
Bishop Auckland Newgate St Methodist Ch09:4510:454517:4518:45
Bishop Auckland Bus Station09:5010:505017:5018:50
Bishop Auckland Newton Cap Bridge09:5110:515117:5118:51
Toronto St Pauls Church09:5210:525217:5218:52
Toronto Police House09:5210:525217:5218:52
Toronto Addison Road09:5310:535317:5318:53
Toronto Lodge Hotel09:5310:535317:5318:53
Pixley Hill Cottages09:5510:555517:5518:55
Pixley Hill Hunwick Road Ends09:5610:565617:5618:56
North Bitchburn Reservoir09:5610:565617:5618:56
North Bitchburn North Beechburn Terrace09:5810:585817:5818:58
Howden le Wear North Bitchburn Bank09:5910:595917:5918:59
Howden le Wear Bridge Street10:0011:000018:0019:00
Howden le Wear High Street10:0011:000018:0019:00
Howden le Wear Cemetery10:0111:010118:0119:01
Howden le Wear High Beechburn Lane End10:0111:010118:0119:01
Crook New Road Factories10:0211:020218:0219:02
Crook Firtree Garage10:0311:030318:0319:03
Crook South End Villas10:0311:030318:0319:03
Crook New Road10:0411:040418:0419:04
Crook Market Place10:0511:050518:0519:05

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Travel between Darlington and Bishop Auckland up to every 15 minutes!

Service 1 combines with Service X1 between Darlington & Bishop Auckland to provide a bus up to every 15 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes.

Please see Service X1 timetable below for full details;