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Travelling to Scarborough?

Travelling to Scarborough?

Scarborough is situated in North Yorkshire on England’s East coast. A popular holiday destination since Victorian times, this old spa town has lost none of its character and charm. With beautiful Georgian architecture, glorious sandy beaches and a bustling waterfront there’s plenty to keep you entertained in this picturesque seaside resort.

Scarborough has excellent road and rail links. Arriva buses operate in the area, providing routes to nearby towns, such as Guisborough and Whitby, as well as regular services to and from Middlesbrough.

Scarborough Castle

Founded by Danes in the 10th century, Scarborough has a rich and colourful history. The burgeoning town was devastated in 1066 when the famed Viking, Harald Hardrada, invaded England. Hardrada was eventually defeated and the town slowly recovered over the next few years. In 1136, Scarborough Castle was built, and a bustling town sprang up in its shadow. By the 13th century, Scarborough had a busy market and thriving port, but the town was to be devastated once again in 1349, this time by disease, as the Black Death swept across the region. The town’s prospects improved when it became a popular spa resort towards the end of the 17th century, and with the growth of the railways in the 1800s, holidaymakers began flocking to the region for a bit of sun, sand and sea air.