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Travelling to Scarborough?

Travelling to Scarborough?

Are you thinking about visiting Scarborough? Located on the North East coast, about 20 miles south of Whitby, this popular seaside town is always busy.

The coastline is dominated by the 11th-century ruins of Scarborough Castle, sat ontop of a high, rocky, promontory, which seperates the seafront into two bays, the north and south.

Served by only one of our services, this town still provides a great attraction for our passengers coming from Teesside and Whitby, with some excellent connections to local rail services.

Ticket Information

If you're looking to save money as you travel to and from Scarborough we have a range of tickets and deals available. Deals applicable to Scarborough are:

Look at the maps for each and decide which ticket is going to give you the best value.