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Travelling around Loftus

Travelling around Loftus

Loftus is situated in North Yorkshire, just a few miles from the East coast. Sitting at the gateway to the North York Moors, this former mining town has much to offer, with woodland walks and country lanes, a modern leisure centre and some fine examples of Victorian architecture.

Loftus is easily accessible by road and Arriva buses operate in the area, with routes to nearby towns, such as Guisborough and Skinningrove, as well as regular services to Redcar, Middlesbrough and Whitby.


Loftus has a rich and colourful history. There has been a settlement in the area since the Dark Ages, and a seventh-century Anglo-Saxon burial site was unearthed nearby in 2005. It’s claimed the legendary Viking, Sigurd the Dane, owned a house in Loftus, and while there is no concrete evidence to back this up, there’s no doubt that during the latter part of the first millennium, the area was fiercely fought over by the Saxons and Danes. Famous for its mining heritage, ironstone was first extracted from the nearby hills as early as 400 BC. Following the Industrial Revolution, the mining industry boomed, and by the late 18th century, Loftus had the third largest mine in Cleveland.