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Arriva in the North East

Fare Changes from 20th May 2018

11 May 18

From 20th May 2018 we will change some fares and freeze many others!

We will be revising most of our fares on 20th May 2018. While some fares will rise, many will remain frozen. Where fares do rise, it will by a maximum of 20p on adult single, day and return fares and up to 50p on weekly fares.

We are committed to providing customers with the best possible service. In the last 2 years many new or refurbished buses have been launched across the region. Most of which feature fresh new exterior/interior, leather seating with head rests, free WiFi, and the very latest in journey planning technology for all customers. The buses are also fitted with satellite tracking to assist with reliability.

You will now see Contactless readers on our buses near the drivers cab and this will allow you to pay for your regular ticket by using your Contactless credit or debit card, Apple or Google Pay. Quick, Easy and Secure.

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We're in the process of updating our fare pages online with the new prices where applicable, but in the meantime, click on an area below to view more information.

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