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Newcastle Council Consultation

12 August 16


Newcastle City Council have unveiled £20m of improvements to two of the busiest junctions in Newcastle, including Haddricks Mill and Blue House roundabouts. The junctions form part of a key corridor that runs across the city from Cowgate to the north of the city in Gosforth. Both junctions suffer from high levels of congestion and delays and are well-known collision hotspots.

The proposals for Blue House show a new signalised junction built 50m north of the current roundabout, with more lanes and intelligent traffic signals to smooth traffic flow. By building a new junction on Town Moor land, it means we can increase capacity on the roundabout and include separate cycle lanes, bus lanes and improved pedestrian crossings in the new design.

For Haddricks Mill, the proposals are to increase the capacity of the junction by removing the double roundabout system and building a larger priority roundabout. The proposed design includes part-time signals to help the junction cope with high levels of demand from nearby employment sites at peak times. Cycling facilities and pedestrian improvements will also be installed ensuring that people on foot and bikes have safe access across and around the junction.

The council are asking for people's views on the proposals as part of a public consultation until 21 August. Please visit to have your say.