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Service changes in Derby from 30 October 2016

Start Date: 30/10/2016

Location: Derby

We're making some changes to our services in the Derby areas from 30 October 2016, you can view all the changes and download timetables below.

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Routes 1, 1A, 4 and 4A

View the 1, 1A timetable here.

View the 4, 4A and P&R timetable here.

Analysis of passenger numbers combined with our on-bus observations have all suggested that the pattern of routes in parts of Alvaston could be improved.  As a result, services 1 and 1A will replace the 4 and 4A along Radford Street and Warren Street.  Services 4 and 4A will serve Harvey Road between Neilson Street and Blue Peter to replace the 1 and 1A.  To make this possible, we have had to implement some minor timetable changes which we sincerely hope will not cause any inconvenience to our existing cusomers.

Routes 5, 5A, 6 and 6A

View the timetable here.

As a result of the public consultation in 2015, we worked hard to retain as many of the links and areas served as possible despite our concerns that they were not commercially viable.  This included services in areas that we had originally suggested would be without an Arriva service such as St Chad’s Road and Carlton Road. Having operated the 5/5A/6/6A for almost a year there are some changes that we need to make.  The services have operated at a very high level of punctuality but are still not carrying the number of people needed for the level of resource allocated to them. Therefore, as a result of extensive analysis and on-board surveys we will be increasing the frequency of services 5 and 5a to every 20 minutes, but will re-route them around Littleover to serve Valley Road, Penhryn Avenue, Bonsall Avenue and Repton Avenue as recognise the need for better links in these areas. Services 6 and 6A will be withdrawn, but nearly all links are being retained, and the increase in frequency of 5 and 5A will mean 3 buses an hour for Sunny Hill, Blagreaves, Littleover, Royal Derby Hospital and the Faire Street area. There will however, be no buses along Dale Road and Byron Street. All these changes aimed at providing stronger, simpler, and more sustainable transport links, so we are regretful if they cause any major inconvenience for our valued passengers. We sincerely hope that once in place, people will notice the benefits of the alterations we have made.

Route 7

View the timetable here.

In the public consultation of October 2015 we were asked to reinstate the ‘loop’ around Arleston Lane in Sinfin and to trial an evening service.  We did both of those things, and additionally, earlier this year, we also added a bus to the timetable to extend service 7 to the bus station from Babington Lane after many requests. However, after some detailed analysis and looking closely at how the trial was recieved by our customers, we will unfortunately be withdrawing both the evening journeys and the Arleston Lane ‘loop’ section due to the consistently low passenger numbers these have achieved. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we were clear from the outset that this was a trial, and it seems that there just hasn't been enough demand to make it a perminent fixture to the network. Service 7 will therefore terminate at Sinfin Asda Petrol Station apart from two morning journeys and two afternoon journeys that continue to/from City of Derby Academy.  Customers on Wragley Way, Deep Dale Lane and Farmhouse Road can continue to use Sapphire service 38 every 10 mins.

Routes 8 and 9

View the timetable here.

The high frequency number 8 has proven very popular in areas such as Slack Lane and Lyttleton Street. However, in the Mackworth and Henley Green areas we felt that there were further improvements we could make.  There will be no change to the number of buses on routes 8 and 9, however we are amending frequencies and routes to improve the overall offering make our passengers’ journeys more efficient. Please note that the first edition of the 8/9 timetable starting on the 30 October incorrectly lists Derby Bus Station as the departure point, this should be Albert Street as shown in the timetable above.

Services affected

1, 1A, F1
5, 5A

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