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Arriva in the Midlands

Bede Village to Nuneaton

via Bedworth & Bermuda Park

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Route Map

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Nuneaton Bus Station09:5013:40
Nuneaton Fire Station09:5013:40
Nuneaton Gala Bingo09:5113:41
Nuneaton Rope Walk09:5213:42
Nuneaton Riversley Road09:5213:42
Nuneaton Home Park Road09:5413:44
Nuneaton George Eliot Hospital Main Entrance09:5713:47
Nuneaton Bermuda Park10:0213:52
Nuneaton Cinema10:0213:52
Nuneaton Walsingham Drive10:0313:53
Nuneaton National Dairies10:0413:54
Bedworth Griff Island10:0713:57
Bedworth The Griff10:0813:58
Collycroft Hill Street10:0913:59
Collycroft Mill Terrace10:0913:59
Collycroft Wood Street10:1014:00
Collycroft Stubbs Close10:1014:00
Collycroft Stubbs Close10:1014:00
Bedworth Bonington Drive10:1114:01
Bedworth Dempster Road10:1114:01
Bedworth Lovell Road10:1214:02
Bedworth Maragaret Avenue10:1214:02
Bedworth Mount Drive10:1214:02
Bedworth Newdigate Road10:1314:03
Bedworth All Saints Square10:1514:05
Bedworth Park Road10:1514:05
Bedworth Thomas Street10:1614:06
Bedworth Gallagher Road10:1714:07
Bedworth Croft Pool10:1714:07
Bedworth Croft Road10:1814:08
Bedworth Silver Birch Avenue10:1914:09
Bedworth Smorrall Lane10:1914:09
Bedworth The Tea Gardens10:2014:10
Bedworth Goodyers End Lane10:2214:12
Bedworth Newcomen Road10:2214:12
Bedworth Keenan Drive10:2314:13
Bedworth Raynor Crescent10:2314:13
Bedworth Pheasant Close10:2414:14
Bedworth Anderton Road10:2414:14
Bedworth Anderton Road10:2414:14
Bedworth Whitburn Road10:2714:17
Bedworth Hospital Lane10:2814:18

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