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Arriva in the Midlands

Shrewsbury to Reabrook Estate

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Service Details

Route Map

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Shrewsbury Bus Station08:1508:45Then
Shrewsbury Town Services08:1708:47174717:1717:47
Shrewsbury Dogpole08:1708:47174717:1717:47
Shrewsbury Bridge08:1808:48184817:1817:48
Old Potts Way Asda08:2008:50205017:2017:50
Sutton Rea Street Jct08:2108:51215117:2117:51
Sutton Grove Road Jct08:2208:52225217:2217:52
Sutton Reabrook Avenue Jct08:2208:52225217:2217:52
Sutton Leamore Crescent Jct08:2308:53235317:2317:53
Sutton No. 1908:2308:53235317:2317:53
Sutton Primrose Drive Jct08:2308:53235317:2317:53
Reabrook The Saddlers PH08:2508:55255517:2517:55
Reabrook No. 1908:2508:55255517:2517:55
Reabrook No. 3108:2508:55255517:2517:55
Reabrook White Hart Jct08:2508:55255517:2517:55
Reabrook Whitecroft Road Jct08:2608:56265617:2617:56
Reabrook Garages08:2708:57275717:2717:57
Reabrook Summit Close Jct08:2708:57275717:2717:57
Reabrook White Hart Jct08:2708:57275717:2717:57
Reabrook Pulrose Walk Jct08:2808:58285817:2817:58
Sutton Primrose Drive Jct08:2908:59295917:2917:59
Sutton No. 108:2908:59295917:2917:59
Sutton Leamore Crescent Jct08:3009:00300017:3018:00
Sutton Reabrook Avenue Jct08:3009:00300017:3018:00
Sutton No. 3008:3109:01310117:3118:01
Sutton Rea Street Jct08:3109:01310117:3118:01
Old Potts Way Cineworld08:3209:02320217:3218:02
Old Potts Way Asda08:3309:03330317:3318:03
Shrewsbury St. Julians Friars08:3509:05350517:3518:05
Shrewsbury The Square08:3609:06360617:3618:06
Shrewsbury Market Hall08:3709:07370717:3718:07
Shrewsbury Rowleys House08:3709:07370717:3718:07
Shrewsbury Bus Station08:4009:10401017:4018:10

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