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Arriva in the Midlands

Nuneaton to The Raywoods

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Route Map

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Nuneaton Bus Station----11:2013:10
Nuneaton Fire Station----11:2113:11
Nuneaton Bottrill Street----11:2313:13
Nuneaton Beaumont Road----11:2513:15
Nuneaton Croft Road----11:2613:16
Nuneaton Granby Road----11:2613:16
Nuneaton Westmorland Drive09:3009:3011:2913:19
Nuneaton Silver Walk09:3209:3211:3213:22
Nuneaton Brodick Way09:3209:3211:3213:22
Nuneaton Orkney Close09:3309:3311:3313:23
Nuneaton Hare & Hounds09:3309:3311:3313:23
Nuneaton Cornish Crescent09:3409:3411:3413:24
Nuneaton Orkney Close09:3409:3411:3413:24
Nuneaton Maternity Hospital09:3509:3511:3513:25
Nuneaton Bull Ring09:3509:3511:3513:25
Nuneaton Cricket Ground09:3609:3611:3613:26
Nuneaton St Thomas More School09:3609:3611:3613:26
Nuneaton Croft Road09:3709:3711:3713:27
Nuneaton Beaumont Road09:3909:3911:3913:29
Nuneaton Manor Park Road09:4009:4011:4013:30
Nuneaton Manor Court Avenue09:4009:4011:4113:31
Nuneaton Newtown Road09:4209:4211:4313:33
Nuneaton Bus Station09:4509:4511:4513:35

1Term Time Only 2Only During School Holidays

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