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Arriva in the Midlands

Travelling around Bloxwich

Travelling around Bloxwich

Small but charming, the delightful village of Bloxwich sits in the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall. Forming part of the Staffordshire/West Midlands border, the village has a distinct charm that spreads throughout its streets, mostly owing to the wonderful architecture on display and its areas of outstanding beauty.

Well-served by public transport, the area has two train stations, while Arriva provides a wealth of bus services too. These services head in and out of the village, connecting Bloxwich to places such as Walsall, Huntington and Cannock via a number of other areas.

Iron smelting at a Foundry

Bloxwich’s origins stretch back to the Anglo-Saxon period when it was originally a small settlement in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia. It is suggested the area’s name stemmed from the family of Bloc that lived on the settlement.

During the Industrial Revolution, the area became a popular place for manufacturing and specialised in iron smelting. It was most renowned for its awl blades.