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Arriva in the Midlands

Travelling around Birmingham

Travelling around Birmingham

If you want something to keep you entertained, then Birmingham is the place to visit. This rich and diverse city is a vibrant hub of culture that’s just waiting to be explored.

Due to the vastness of the city – it is the second most populous city in the UK– you’ll find a wealth of public transport to take you far and wide. Arriva operates frequent bus services from Birmingham, taking you to and from Tamworth, with stops at places such as Mile Oak, Whitehouse Common, Fazeley and Sutton Coldfield.


An established market town during the medieval period, Birmingham boomed during the Industrial Revolution, much like many areas during the 18th century. However, unlike the others, it truly excelled at this and, by 1791, had become known as ‘the first manufacturing town in the world’, rapidly rising to the status that it still retains today. And let’s not forget, the Watt steam engine was also invented here.