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Arriva in the Midlands

Changes to fares in the East and West Midlands from 18 February

From 18 February 2018, we're making changes to fares and zones across the Midlands.

We recognise the importance of keeping fares low for our regular customers, and as such we have endeavoured to keep all changes to a minimum, so that we are able to continue providing the quality, value for money services that people expect of us.

Key changes:

  • Cannock & Stafford zones merged
  • Telford and Telford Plus zones merged
  • Single fare increases capped to 10p

You can view the tickets changing below. If the saver ticket isn't listed in the table below, then the price has been frozen and there is no change.

We're also making changes to the route specific 'A2B 158' tickets, the return will increase to £5 and the weekly will increase from £14 to £15 from the same date.

Please note there are also changes to the Cefn Mawr Day Saver, which will be priced at £3.50.

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If your zone or ticket is not listed, there is no change.

Merged zones for Cannock & Stafford

We're making things simple in Cannock & Stafford from 18 February. Cannock & Stafford zones will be merged into one new zone, the 'Cannock and Stafford Zone'. You can view the new saver ticket prices in the table below.

From this date due to the new zone, route specific tickets on services 74/75 will not longer be available. Cannock & Stafford Zone tickets will be valid across the entire length of the route.

View the new zone map here

Alongside changes to saver tickets, we're making some changes to some single fares, which will be capped at a maximum increase of 10p.

Cannock & Stafford Zone 


£3.80 Child 

Cannock & Stafford Zone  


£11 Child

Cannock & Stafford Zone 




Cannock & Stafford Zone  



With a continual growth in business and operational costs it is unfortunate that some of our fares have had to be increased, but wherever possible, we have aimed to ensure that our frequent travellers are still able to benefit from affordable transportation.