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Student and Child Saver Tickets in the Midlands

Thinking about returning to school, college or uni? Our bus tickets for the 2020/2021 academic year are on sale now.

Child term/annual tickets are available for pupils up to the age of 16 or year 11 in school. Student tickets are available for those aged 16 or above and are in full time education (student ID required).

Tickets are valid all day, every day and offer unlimited travel on all Arriva Midlands services (except where stated) in the specified zones. This includes evenings, weekends and half term holidays.

Annual tickets can also be bought by Direct Debit.

Our ticket zones

If you're not sure where you need to be travelling, or want to know where else you can travel with Arriva's Student & Child Saver Tickets, you can take a look at our network maps at the link below.

Find out more about our Saver ticket zones

How to buy

Take a look at our range of student and child saver tickets in the East Midlands below:

Derby Buy now Leicester Zone 1 Buy now
Zone 2 (Outer Leics) Buy now Zone Plus
(East Midlands)
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Take a look at our student and child saver tickets for the West Midlands below:

West Midlands Buy now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding our range of student and child tickets:

Who can buy an Arriva Child Term, Academic Year or Annual Saver?

Available to purchase for any person up to the age of 16, or in year 11 in High School. 

Who can buy an Arriva Student Term, Academic Year or Annual Saver?

It is available to all students over 16, studying at any school, college or university in the area of validity. Must have valid ID.

On which Arriva buses can I use my Student or Child Saver?

A Student Saver holder can travel on all Arriva buses in the Saver Zone listed on the ticket, maps for this can be viewed on this website.

How do I get a Student or Child ticket?

For Term and Academic Year, you can't get these on-bus but you can buy your ticket right here on the website, as well as on your mobile using our m-ticket app! If you opted for the postal ticket, this will be delivered to your address in 5 working days. Mobile tickets are delivered to the phone immediately.

For shorter-term tickets, there are different age ranges which vary from area to area, check the terms on each ticket here.

Alternatively, you can buy all sorts of Saver Tickets from Arriva Travel Shops. You will need to take with you proof of full-time education in the current academic year and a passport sized photograph for the Term and Annual.

Is it worth the hassle?

Buying your ticket on the internet is quick and easy. And once you have bought it, there's no more digging through your pockets for money, paying the bus driver or using up your change. You will be able to ride as many times as you want without paying a penny extra on bus fares within your chosen area.

The Arriva Student Ticket can be used ANY TIME, ANY DAY, so you can travel to and from college/university in the day AND go out at night. With no time restrictions and with weekend travel included, the student ticket is by far the cheapest and best way to travel.

What happens if I lose my Student or Child Saver?

Please try not to! Losing your ticket is like losing money and we cannot guarantee to replace it unless we are satisfied that the ticket cannot be used for travel by any other person.

We may at our discretion replace lost or stolen tickets provided that the occurrence has been reported to the police. A charge of £25 will always be made for the replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged ticket. Please call our Customer Hotline on 0344 800 44 11 to receive advice on procedure.

Please note that we will prosecute anyone attempting to travel on Arriva services with fraudulent or stolen tickets.

Where can I get more information on the Arriva Student or Child Saver?

You can get in touch on the contact us page, with any questions relating to the Student Saver. We're here to talk on social media as well, just search your Arriva area on Facebook or Twitter.


The purchase of any ticket will be subject to Arriva’s online ticketing terms and conditions. Student Saver tickets are available in each region but not necessarily in each ticket zone. Prices quoted in promotional materials are based on the daily price for the most expensive Student Saver ticket available locally. Actual prices may vary and can be viewed as part of the ticket selection process when you click a 'buy now' button above,