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Travel Vouchers

Save time and money – buy Arriva Travel Vouchers in advance

Does your business/organisation have to reimburse or cover travel expenses?

Why not save money and time and buy Arriva Travel Vouchers?

  • Travel vouchers will cut costs and save administration time by reducing the often labour intensive method of dealing with travel claims and forms
  • Travel vouchers are used by lots of organisations, who from time to time need to cover people’s travel costs
  • You can purchase travel vouchers in bulk for discounted bus travel
  • You can buy any combination of vouchers - ‘Day Saver’, ‘Weekly Saver’ or ‘4-Weekly Saver’
  • Once purchased, you can then give the travel vouchers to people to cover their travel costs
  • On the day the person is traveling, they can exchange their voucher on-bus and they will receive the relevant bus ticket back from our driver
  • The ticket they are given can then be used for unlimited travel on any Arriva bus for the rest of that day, week or month (depending on the given voucher type)
  • All travel vouchers come with a 12 month validation date, so you’ll have a year to use them

Ian Davis

Introducing your local Arriva contact, Ian Davis...

It's my job to work with employers and public bodies across the Midlands to share the benefits of Arriva's various corporate travel schemes.

Contact Ian to request a meeting or arrange a call