The M.A.D Award Categories

There are eight award categories which are nominated by colleagues and recognise excellence in the following categories.


M.A.D Engineer of the Year

This award will recognise someone who goes the extra mile to ensure our fleet is in tip-top condition. They'll demonstrate excellent engineering skills to identify problems and consider cost implications. You'll be able to spot them as they'll take great pride in the apprearance of the fleet they maintain.


M.A.D About Safety

The safety of our customers is paramount to our business. This award is for someone who consistently plays an active role in improving safety within the business. They might be a representative of a health & safety working group, a road safety rep or just someone who has generally demonstrated their commitment to this area.


M.A.D Team of the Year

This is for a team who have worked extremely well together to really Make A Difference where they work or to deliver a specific project. It could be a team of drivers on a specific service or roster, an engineering or management team at a depot, or a project team who were brought together from different parts of the business.


M.A.D Giving

Arriva's stratgey encourages us to focus on social, corporate and environmental sustainability, and even at local or individual level our actions can have a positive impact on these areas. This award recognises people or teams that dedicate their time and energy for a more sustainable future by working with charities, local sports clubs, schools or neighbourhood groups to really make a difference to improving the community or environment where they live and work.


M.A.D Learner

In recent years learning and development opportunities have increased across the business. This award recognises those in the business who have been inspired to develop their skills and knowledge through opportunities provided at work or externally. Through their personal development journey these individuals have had a positive impact within the business and on others they work with, whilst continually developing themselves.


Delivering M.A.D Business Performance

The winner or winning team of this award will stand out as being passionate about delivering successful results in their part of the business. They may demonstrate this through innovation, collaboration, engaging with others or simply by a way of working that consistently helps us to become a bigger and better Arriva.


Continually M.A.D Award

This award is for someone who continually makes an outstanding effort in their role, demonstrating a vast amount of dedication and commitment to the business year after year.


Our Unsung Hero

This award is for someone who quietly goes about their day, continually making an outstanding effort in what they do.