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RM2217 - CUV 217C

RM2217 - CUV 217CSeating capacity : 64 (36 upstairs, 28 downstairs)

Year : 1965

London's last production standard Routemaster and operated London’s last Routemaster journey on route 159.

Now famous for its two ‘lasts’ – the first being the last standard-length Routemaster built in May 1965, the second being the bus to operate the last scheduled journey on route 159 on 8 December 2005 on the last day of traditional Routemaster operation.

That last day must have seemed a long way off when the bus started work at Willesden in September 1965.

RM2217 moved around various London Transport garage until 1979 when it arrived at Brixton Garage. From that day until this it has never worked from anywhere else but this, and its current location, nearby Norwood Garage.

The bus also had two engine changes with an Iveco one fitted in 1991 and a Cummins B series Euro 2 in August 2001, at the same time gaining an Allison gearbox and Telma electrical retarder. The 2001 change also saw an interior refurbishment to Transport for London requirements.

In October 2004 the bus was selected for a very special project. The windows were boarded up, the outside was painted purple and vinyl used to create the 'triple decker' Knight Bus of Harry Potter fame. In November of that year RM 2217 performed a UK tour to promote the release of the Harry Potter films on DVD.

After its fame with Harry Potter, work started in June 2005 on preparing it for the last Routemaster day. Norwood garage staff took on the task and the excellent standard of their workmanship can be seen in the condition of the vehicle today.