University of Nottingham resurfacing works

From 23-25 April 2024

Due to campus resurfacing works, the following bus services will have to run on alternative routes after 6pm on Tuesday 23 – Thursday 25 April :

Hopper services

•    There will be no impacts on the 902 (UP – KMC service) and 903 (UP – Jubilee service).
•    The 906 service is not currently in operation as it’s a term time only service.
•    Post 6pm the 901 (SB – UP) service will enter campus via the west entrance and serve the bus stops on Beeston Lane and then it will revert to its usual route via George Green Library, Portland Hill, East Drive and the Arts Centre exiting campus via the south entrance. Note that the Library Road stop next to Djanogly Terrace will not be served during these evening works.
•    Post 6pm the 904 (UP – RDH) will exit campus via the north entrance which means the Library Road stop by Djanogly Terrace and West Entrance stop cannot be served on route from UP to RDH.  

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