Tunbridge Wells April 2022 Network Change

From 3rd and 17th April 2022.

From 3rd April 2022 the following changes will be in place: 

Service 401

Sunday service will be run by Hams Travel

From 17th April 2022 the following changes will be in place:

Service 6

The frequency on Service 6 will be reduced between Tunbridge Wells and East Peckham from every 30 mins to 60 mins 

Service 6A

Monday to Friday Service 6A variation withdrawn.

Service 7

Frequency reduced to every 30mins

Service 281

Frequency reduced to every 15 mins Monday - Saturday and every 30mins on Sundays

Services 218/219, 277, 402 

All services will have minor timetable changes

Click here for updated Tunbridge Wells Network Map

Click here for updated Kent Network Map

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