Service Changes - Selby, Goole and Doncaster

From 29th October 2023

We’re making some minor changes to service 51 from 29th October and service 401 from 30th October.

Service 51
Early morning trips on service 51 will start from Whitley, running in service via Selby Rd, Norton Common Rd, Station Rd and High St, before turning left onto Campsall Balk to continue the normal route. These trips won’t serve Broc-o-Bank.

In the early evening, some trips will continue from Broc-o-Bank to Whitley via High St, Station Rd, Norton Common Rd and Selby Rd.

Evening and Sunday journeys on service 51 are funded by SYMCA. Much like most other services across South Yorkshire, the evening frequency will be reduced by SYMCA and so journeys will only run every 2 hours.

Download the new 51 651 timetable

Service 401
We’ll be running an extra trip on service 401 to accommodate Carlton Holy Family students travelling to Goole in the afternoon. We’ve also made the morning duplicate journey from Goole a permanent feature.

We’ll be running new Sunday journeys on service 401 too.

Download the new 400 401 641 timetable

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