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Service Changes - Teesside and East Cleveland - Sunday 28th June 2020

Arriva North East has confirmed revisions to bus services will be taking place in Tees Valley from Sunday 28th June 2020.

The alterations, which were initially planned to take place from Sunday 5th April 2020, were postponed whilst the COVID-19 restrictions were in place across the country. As we start to move out of these restrictions, closer to normality and many more people start to go back to work or need to make other essential journeys, we believe that now is the right time to reinstate these planned alterations and the improvements that they bring.

The revisions planned will see timetable and route changes for most services operating within the Redcar and Cleveland area.

These revisions are designed to offer faster journey times and more direct links to Middlesbrough, new evening service options between Middlesbrough, Redcar and East Cleveland, new links between Brotton and Skelton, plus a much more reliable and punctual network of services, in response to passenger feedback and suggestion.

Nick Knox, Area Managing Director for Arriva North East, said: “We have an excellent network throughout Tees Valley about which we are incredibly proud. These service changes have been designed to build on that and create a bus network that provides reliable and punctual services for our customers.

We have reviewed the areas where we can improve operationally and made the necessary changes which will not only better match the service to the level of demand, but also ensure our customers are able to travel to the areas they most need to get to, at the times they need to travel. We will also be introducing a number of new links where passenger feedback has indicated they would be welcomed”.

Arriva will be reaching out to customers to ensure they are aware of the changes with events planned in and around Redcar, leaflets along the routes, on bus posters, and a social media campaign. Full details of the changes will also be available on the Arriva website.

What is changing?

The service alterations due to be introduced from Sunday 28th June include as follows: 

X3/X3A/3 Middlesbrough to Lingdale and Brotton via Skelton, Saltburn and Redcar

Services X3/X3A will be revised to operate via Redcar Road, Greenstones Road and Redcar Lane between Marske and Redcar High Street, replacing Service 62 in this area and offering a faster and more direct service to Middlesbrough, plus new links to Saltburn and Skelton area.

Sunday Service 3 is also revised to follow this revised route between Marske and Redcar High Street but will no longer serve Marske Estate.

All journeys on Service X3/X3A will also additionally operate via The Broadway in Dormanstown, replacing Service 62 which is re-routed, offering an improved frequency of bus services for passengers in this area.

Most Service X3A journeys will additionally will also additionally extend to Brotton, re-linking the area with Skelton ASDA following feedback received from local residents and providing a third bus per hour between Brotton and Skelton or Redcar.

X4/X4A Middlesbrough to Loftus and Whitby via Redcar, Saltburn and Runswick Bay

Services X4/X4A will be revised to operate via The Broadway in Dormanstown, replacing Service 62 which is rerouted, offering an improved frequency of bus services for passengers in this area.

NEW Evening Service X4A is also introduced, providing faster links between Middlesbrough and Redcar, plus new service options for residents in East Cleveland to access Saltburn & Redcar until late.

Evening Service X4A will operate via Redcar Road, Greenstones Road and Redcar Lane between Redcar High St and Marske, with an additional stop on Wilson Street in Middlesbrough too - great to access the cinema and restaurants in the area!

62 Middlesbrough to Marske via Eston, Redcar, Ings Farm and New Marske

Service 62 will see a revised route locally in Redcar along with a revised timetable throughout to further improve service punctuality.

The route between Middlesbrough and Trunk Road is unchanged apart from a change to route all journeys operating via Fabian Road, following requests from local residents.

The main route change for Service 62 is within Redcar, where buses will run via South Dormanstown, Lakes Estate Shops, Redcar College, Morrisons, Redcar East, Ings Farm and direct via Redcar Lane to New Marske and Marske Roundabout and replacing Service 64 for the most part, whilst maintaining service to New Marske and Marske.

Buses will operate via a section of Redcar Lane that is currently unserved, providing a new link for residents in this area, plus by utilising this more direct route, the service will also offer a faster journey time for passengers in New Marske going to Redcar Centre.

Passengers who normally use Service 62 in Dormanstown, Coatham Road, Greenstones Road or Redcar Road, will now have access to Services X3/X3A and X4/X4A, with an improved frequency of up to every 15 minutes.

63 Middlesbrough to Redcar via James Cook Hospital, Eston and Lakes Estate

Service 63 will see a revised timetable to provide better service punctuality in response to worsening traffic congestion.

64/64A Middlesbrough to Grangetown via Eston

The majority of Service 64 journeys will be revised to operate between Middlesbrough and Grangetown only (some morning and afternoon journeys will continue to/from Redcar where able to do so). Service 62 will be re-routed to replace the Service 64 route within the Redcar area, at the same frequency.

Between Middlesbrough and Grangetown, Service 64/64A routes are unchanged and combined into a revised up to every 15 minute frequency, but with a revised timetable, designed to further improve punctuality.

81 Marske Estate to Guisborough  via Redcar, Kirkleatham and Dunsdale

Regrettably, due to continued decline in passenger numbers between Great Ayton and Stokesley, Service 81 will be revised to operate between Marske Estate, Redcar and Guisborough only.

However, following consultation with North Yorkshire County Council, it has been agreed that for a period of 9 weeks (until 29th August 2020), Arriva will continue to operate a separate Service 81 timetable between Stokesley, Great Ayton and Guisborough to help support these communities for a while longer. Connections can then be made at Guisborough for onward travel if required.

Service 28A will continue to serve Great Ayton and Stokesley every hour during Monday to Saturday daytimes and connections can be made for Guisborough or Redcar at either Nunthorpe, Marton or Middlesbrough as required.

Most daytime Service 81 journeys from Redcar will terminate at Hunters Hill in Guisborough, with peak time journeys extending to Farndale Drive as they do now.

Passengers who normally board on Farndale Drive should look out for Service 28, which is revised to operate via the estate from the same date, hourly, during Monday to Saturday daytimes.

How do these changes affect my journey?

In most cases, your journey will be unaffected, however you may need to look out for a different bus number.

I currently catch Service X3/X3A or X4, what do I need to do?

If you currently catch these services, then you do not need to do anything. Services X3/X3A will continue to operate to their usual frequencies, but may have some minor revisions to routes, but all of the same places will still be served.

I currently catch Service 62/62A, what do I need to do?

If you use Service 62/62A between Middlesbrough and Grangetown, you do not need to change (except all Service 62A journeys will operate via Service 62 route).

However, if you use Service 62 within Redcar, you may find that your bus has changed.

For example, passengers who normally board Service 62 in Dormanstown should look out for Service X3/X3A or X4, which will operate via The Broadway, replacing Service 62 in this area. Similarly, if you normally catch Service 62 on Coatham Road, Service X3/X3A or X4 will be your service going forward.

Passengers who normally catch Service 62 from Greenstones Road or Redcar Road should instead look out for Service X3/X3A, which is revised to operate via this route.

Finally, passengers in New Marske will find that whilst Service 62 is still their service to get to Redcar and Marske, attention should be taken to the destination on the front of the bus to ensure the correct bus is boarded.

I currently catch Service 63, what do I need to do?

There are no significant changes to Service 63 so you can still turn up and go!

However, there will be a revised timetable in place, so it may be worthwhile familiarising yourself with the updated times.

I currently catch Service 64/64A, what do I need to do?

If you currently catch Service 64/64A from Grangetown, Eston, Bankfields, Normanby or South Bank areas and you travel to Middlesbrough, there is only a revised timetable in place that you need to be aware of.

If you catch Service 64 from South Bank, Eston or Grangetown across to Redcar currently, your best option is to catch or connect with Service 62 or Service 63 at Eston Tesco or Eston High Street to continue your journey to Redcar.

Finally, passengers who would normally catch Service 64 anywhere within Redcar to travel within Redcar or further afield, your new service will be Service 62, which will be revised to operate via the exact same route and Service 64 does now, every half hour and until later in the night too! Only a very small number of Service 64 journeys will start from or terminate in Redcar and they will be mainly very early morning or late afternoon trips.

I currently catch Service 81, what do I need to do?

As the section of Service 81 between Hunters Hill and Stokesley (via Great Ayton) is to be withdrawn, a change of bus is required at either Middlesbrough, Nunthorpe or Marton to continue these journeys after 29 August 2020. Until that date, a standalone service will operate between Stokesley, Great Ayton and Guisborough only.

If you use Service 81 locally in Redcar or between Redcar and Guisborough, your journey will still be possible and only a revised timetable will be in place.

Finally, if you board Service 81 around the Hutton Gate area or Farndale Drive, Service 28 will be your new service option from the above date.

Revised timetable leaflets will be available on bus and in travel shops and all usual stockists within the next few weeks.

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