Road closures affecting buses in Shrewsbury

Monday 18th July 2022

Due to rolling road closures in Shrewsbury Town Centre as a result of the Queen’s Baton Relay on Monday 18th July 2022.

The following alterations to affected services will be made between the hours of 1630 and 1830:

DepartureServiceWill depart from
16:1564New Park Road
16:2025New Park Road
16:20MeoleColeham Gyratory
16:20OxonTheatre Severn
16:20HarlescottNew Park Road
16:20511New Park Road
16:251Abbey Foregate
16:2512Theatre Severn
16:2520Theatre Severn
16:25576Harlescott P&R
16:3011Theatre Severn
16:3017Abbey Foregate
16:3426Abbey Foregate
16:3524New Park Road
16:40X5Frankwell Island
16:4027Abbey Foregate
16:40MeoleColeham Gyratory
16:40OxonTheatre Severn
16:40HarlescottNew Park Road
16:40X5Abbey Foregate
16:4519Abbey Foregate
16:4521Abbey Foregate
16:45436Abbey Foregate
16:4823Abbey Foregate
16:5025New Park Road
16:551Abbey Foregate
16:5511Theatre Severn
17:002Will not operate
17:00MeoleColeham Gyratory
17:00OxonTheatre Severn
17:00HarlescottNew Park Road
17:02576Harlescott P&R
17:0426Abbey Foregate
17:0520Theatre Severn
17:0524New Park Road
17:05511New Park Road
17:05546Abbey Foregate
17:1027Abbey Foregate
17:10X5Frankwell Island
17:1511Theatre Severn
17:151Abbey Foregate
17:1521Abbey Foregate
17:1564New Park Road
17:1823Abbey Foregate
17:2025New Park Road
17:20MeoleColeham Gyratory
17:20OxonTheatre Severn
17:20HarlescottNew Park Road
17:3017Abbey Foregate
17:3426Abbey Foregate
17:3511Theatre Severn
17:3524New Park Road
17:401Abbey Foregate
17:4027Abbey Foregate
17:40MeoleColeham Gyratory
17:40OxonTheatre Severn
17:40HarlescottNew Park Road
17:40X5Abbey Foregate
17:40X5Frankwell Island
17:4519AAbbey Foregate
17:4520Theatre Severn
17:4521Abbey Foregate
17:5025New Park Road
17:55436Abbey Foregate
17:5511Theatre Severn
17:55576Harlescott P&R
18:00MeoleColeham Gyratory
18:00OxonTheatre Severn
18:00HarlescottNew Park Road
18:0426Abbey Foregate
18:0524New Park Road
18:05511New Park Road
18:05546Abbey Foregate
18:101Abbey Foregate
18:1027Abbey Foregate
18:10X5Frankwell Island
18:1511Theatre Severn
18:1564New Park Road
18:2025New Park Road
18:3511Theatre Severn

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