Relocation of some services in Leicester

To Savoy Street or Haymarket Bus Station

From Sunday 18th October 2020, services 50, 51, 104, 152, 153 and 158 will be relocated to different stops at the newly completed Savoy Street or to Haymarket Bus Station.

Every journey on each service will start and finish at the following stops:

  • Services 50 and 51 – Savoy Street stop BA
  • Services 152 and 153 – Savoy Street stop BB
  • Service 104 – Savoy Street stop BE
  • Service 158 - Haymarket Bus Station stop HJ

All services listed above will also use the new road layout when leaving the City Centre and will stop at St Peters Lane stand AB and Causeway Lane as normal.

Please see below a map of the new bus stops:

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