Rachel Sheldrick Restored My Trust in Public Transport

Customer compliment for our Aylesbury driver, Rachel

A customer recently got in touch with us to inform us of a journey they had made on one of our buses in the Aylesbury area. This passenger had not taken the bus for years due to her anxiety and she could not have been happier with her first trip. 

“I would just like to make you aware of a compliment about one of your drivers. I haven’t travelled on a bus for years due to anxiety, but this morning I took the bus from Aylesbury bus station to Watford. She was very reassuring and helpful as well as smiley. She is one of the happiest bus drivers I have ever seen. She has restored my trust in public transport and she even gave me directions to where I was trying to get to after I came off at my stop. It wasn’t just myself she was happy and smiley towards, it seemed to be all of the passengers aboard the bus.” 

We wanted to find out from the lady herself what she thought of the interaction, and this is what Rachel (affectionally known as Red) had to say: 

“I was just being my normal self and doing the job as I think it should be done. I explained the ticket to the passenger and how the QR code works and what to do on the return journey. When in Watford, the passenger seemed lost. I told the passenger where the shopping centre is and gave directions.

I told the passenger that if she has any worries or is stuck for the return journey talk to any Arriva bus driver and they will help and guide her to the return stop.” 

We could not be prouder, so a massive thank you goes out to you Red from everyone at Arriva for everything that you continue to do without even realising! 

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