Luton Fares

From 17th July 2022

From Sunday 17th July 2022, we will be revising our fares in Luton.

Full details of these changes can be found in the table below.

ZoneTicket TypePassenger TypeSales ChannelPrice
OrbitFour WeekAdultWeb/App/On-Bus£93.00
Orbit WeekAdultWeb/App/On-Bus£27.50
OrbitFour WeekChildWeb/App/On-Bus£60.00
OrbitFour WeekStudentWeb/App/On-Bus£72.00
Luton and DunstableDayAdultWeb/App/On-Bus£4.70
Luton and DunstableFour WeekAdultWeb/App£61.00
Luton and DunstableFour WeekAdultOn-Bus£63.00
Luton and DunstableWeekAdultWeb/App/On-Bus£17.50
Luton and DunstableDayChildWeb/App/On-Bus£3.20
Luton and DunstableFour WeekChildWeb/App£45.00
Luton and DunstableFour WeekChildOn-Bus£47.00
Luton and DunstableWeekChildWeb/App/On-Bus£13.50
Luton and DunstableDayStudentWeb/App/On-Bus£4.00
Luton and DunstableFour WeekStudentWeb/App£52.00
Luton and DunstableFour WeekStudentOn-Bus£55.00
Luton and DunstableWeekStudentWeb/App£15.00
Luton and DunstableWeekStudentOn-Bus£15.50
Luton and DunstableAnnualAdultWeb/App£610.00

All singles and returns will increased by around 6% with child fares increasing in line with these changes to remain 50% of adult fares.

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