Luton Airport bus diversions

Updated 1325

Arriva has had to divert a number of its services in Luton due to the fire at the Liuton Airport car park.

The following changes are in place at this time:

  • Greenline 757 – Now serving the Luton Interchange only, as the service is unable to serve Kimpton Road currently due to traffic conditions.
  • Service A – All A services are currently terminating at the Luton Interchange due to traffic conditions on approach to the airport.
  • Service 100 – The closest stop to the airport is Asda Wigmore Lane and the service is then diverting straight to the Luton Interchange.

We will be keeping this under review with the aim to return services to Kimpton Road as soon as traffic improves with all services returning to the airport as soon as the roads re open.

Update 1.25pm

We can now confirm that access to the coach and bus terminal has resumed. 

All services are now returning to their normal line of route.

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