Hertfordshire Network Changes

From 7th January 2024

From 7th January we will be making some changes to bus services in East Hertfordshire to compliment our recent service enhancements in other parts of the county.

Many of these enhancements are as a direct result of the Intalink partnership with Hertfordshire County Council with funding from the Bus Service Improvement Plan through the Department of Transport.

We will be replacing Service 403, which currently runs hourly between Great Gannett and Haldens in Welwyn Garden City with a new 323 service.  This will run every 30 minutes between Hertford and Haldens serving the new Taplow Manor development, Great Gannett, the QE2 Hospital and Chequersfield to Welwyn Garden City and Haldens. 

Click here for 323 timetable

Woodhall and Peartree will continue to be served by a revised 403, run by Centrebus on behalf of the Intalink partnership.  

Service 324 will continue to operate but with a new timetable by Centrebus

Also from 7th January our 724 service will run to a revised hourly timetable Monday to Saturday with additional evening and overnight journeys.  These trips are provided with support from Heathrow Airport as part of their ongoing commitment to greener travel solutions. 

All this means there will be four buses per hour between Hertford & Welwyn Garden City, three between Hertford and the QE2 Hospital.

Click here for 724 timetable

Service 395 will operate a new route in Hertford Town Centre due to the permanent closure of Parliament Square. Service 395 will now run direct along Gascoigne Way and no longer serve the Bus Station or Fore Street. Customers should use the stop at the Hertford Theatre on Cowbridge or Tesco.  

In addition to the above: 

Service 66 will have a minor timetable change. 

Service 310 will have a new timetable in operation. 

Service 401 will have a minor timetable change. 

Click here for West Herts Interurban Timetable Booklet

Click here for Watford Timetable Booklet 

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