Road Closures in Harlow on the 7th June 2022

Due to the Women’s Cycling Event on the 7th June 2022, there will be varying road closures in Harlow.

  • Route 1- Will serve the Playhouse as normal but unfortunately will not be able to serve Northbrooks, Abercrombie Way or Staple Tye due to the diversion.  There will be a temporary rolling Road closure at 14:20 that may cause temporary delays to the service.
  • Route 2 and 3 – Will serve the Playhouse as normal, unable to serve Northbrooks or Abercrombie Way due to the Diversion
  • Route 9 – Unable to Serve Newhall until 12:00, The service will operate between Harlow Bus Station and Potter Street only in this time
  • Route 10 – Burnt Mill School AM journey will not be serving Newhall
  • Route 59 – There will be a rolling Road closure on Gilden Way and Sheering Road, there may be temporary delays to the service

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