Fare Changes on Services in North East

From Sunday 19th June 2022

From Sunday 19th June 2022 we will be revising some of our fares onboard the X4/X4A, X26, X27, 28A, X93, X94 and 95 services. 

This change will not affect journeys on the services listed above, when wholly within Tees Valley, where fares have already been revised in April. Only journeys within North Yorkshire will change at this time.

Only Adult & Child Single and Return fares will be revised, there will be no changes to any day, week or longer season tickets that would otherwise be valid. The changes to the single and return fares are as follows;


  • Adult single fares up to 1.70 will increase by 10p, and fares above 1.70 will increase by 20p.
  • Adult return fares up to 2.10 will increase by 20p, fares above up to 3.90 will increase by 30p and anything above 4.00 will increase by 40p.
  • Child single fares up to 1.40 will increase by 10p, and fares above 1.40 will increase by 20p.
  • Child return fares up to 1.20 will increase by 20p, and fares above 1.20 will increase by 30p

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