Face Covering Awareness Week

NEbus, Nexus and local authorities come together to highlight the face covering message

The North East’s bus operators, working with the local authorities, have come together to highlight the importance of wearing a face covering on public transport.

NEbus, the North East bus operators’ association, consisting of Arriva, Go North East, Stagecoach, Stanley Travel and independent contract service operators, plus the region’s transport authorities, have united once more to encourage safe journeys.

A series of online, on bus and in bus station activities will take place during a ‘Face Covering Awareness Week’, starting from Monday 28th September, to highlight the importance of wearing face coverings and also encouraging customers who are exempt to download an exemption card from the Nexus website to help when they board the bus.

The region’s buses are still here for you to get to work, school, shopping and more, but please do it safely – wear a face covering.

Compliance across the region’s buses remains high in the 90%+ range, but this joint campaign aims to increase that further with a series of adverts highlighting how wearing a face covering, and wearing it properly over the face and nose, not only helps protect them and fellow travellers on board, but also the people they return home to.

A particular focus of the campaign is young people where compliance is at its lowest but increasing the risk of spreading Covid-19 is at its greatest. The campaign will also include outreach to local schools and colleges to help get the important message out there that wearing a face covering also helps protect their family members at home.

Wearing a face covering has been mandatory on public transport since 15th June and since Thursday 24th September, the fine for not wearing a face covering on buses has doubled to £200 for a first offence and doubles further on each repeat offence to a maximum of £6,400 if you get caught a sixth time. 

Throughout the entire journey, from the bus stop or station through to alighting the bus, or leaving the station, a face covering must be worn, except for those with certain health conditions listed by Government, disabled people and children under the age of 11.

See our face covering poster here.

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