Electric Bus on University Park and Jubilee Campus

Can you spot the Electric Bus on University Park and Jubilee Campus?

In the coming weeks an electric bus will be trialled on the 903 Hopper Service.

Arriva who operates our Hopper bus network, will be trialling a fully electric double-decker bus on some 903 services between Monday 11 March and Thursday 28 March 2024. It’s a great opportunity for the UoN community to experience a ride on an electric bus, and this is the first step in a longer-term aspiration for our Hopper bus network to move away from diesel vehicles, as part of the university’s strategic objective to decarbonise our operations.

As this is only a trial, the bus will not be branded as a Hopper bus – but the screen on the front of the bus will give the service number and destination, and you can always ask our friendly hopper bus drivers if you want to check you are on the right bus! The below photo shows what the bus will look like.

The 903 journeys that could be operated by the electric bus during the trial period are shown in the timetable link below. Arriva will confirm exactly what days the electric bus will be on campus.

The electric bus doesn’t have a bike rack. If you normally travel with your bike on the 903 Hopper bus, there are alternative 903 buses you can use.

View 903 electric bus trail timetable

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