Changes to Tamworth’s buses from 4th June 2022

We’re making a few tweaks to timetables to help keep Tamworth moving

We’re making a handful of changes to the Tamworth bus network in response to customer demand and changing travel needs.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on where our customers are travelling to and from, as well as listening to your voices on how we can make our buses better. So, here’s what we’re changing:

Service 2 – Tamworth to Gilway

  • We’re  making some minor changes to the timetable to speed up journeys to and from the town centre. Buses will still leave Tamworth town centre at the same time, but departures from Gilway (Tam O’Shanter) will be around three minutes earlier than they are now.

Service 3 – Tamworth to Coton Green

  • We’re adding two new journeys in the early morning and one extra journey in the evening in response to customer demand. We’ve also tweaked the timetable to help speed up journeys, as well as helping them keep running to time.

Service 65 – Tamworth to Nuneaton  via Polesworth and Atherstone

  • Unfortunately, due to congestion and low demand, we’ll no longer be serving Ventura Park on route 65, so buses will go only as far as Tamworth town centre. For those wishing to travel onward to Ventura Park, we’ll be connecting with our 110 service which runs to and from Ventura Park up to every 15 minutes Monday to Friday, and up to every 20 minutes on Saturdays. 
  • We’re also making some tweaks to the timetable to help keep buses running to time, but we’ll still be arriving and leaving Nuneaton at roughly the same times we do now so that our customers can connect to our services in Nuneaton for George Eliot Hospital.

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