Changes to services in Tamworth

From 10 June 2024

From Monday 10th June 2024, we will be making some changes to the timetables in Tamworth. 
We will also be making changes to the stand allocation in Victoria Road and Corporation Street.

Victoria Road

Stand Route
D4 / 7 / 7a / 7e

Corporation Street

Nx65 / 765
O65 / 65a / 785 / 786 
Q3 / 11


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2 Gillway – Tamworth – Ventura Park


A slightly revised timetable is being introduced.
All journeys from Victoria Road to Ventura Park and Gillway will depart from the Stand A.

View service 2 Gillway – Tamworth – Ventura Park timetable

3 Tamworth – Coton Green  


A revised timetable is being introduced, with some minor changes to the morning peak journeys on Mondays to Fridays.

View service 3 Tamworth – Coton Green timetable

7 / 7a /7e Tamworth – Stonydelph 


All journeys from Victoria Road to Stonydelph will depart from Stand D.

View service 7 / 7a /7e Tamworth – Stonydelph timetable

8 Tamworth – Hockley


All journeys from Victoria Road to Hockley will depart from Stand C.

View service 8 Tamworth – Hockley timetable

11 Tamworth – Dunstall Park


A revised route and timetable are being introduced.
The spine road through the Dunstall Park development is scheduled to be opened to all traffic and the route will be revised to provide better access to residents. Instead of buses terminating at the roundabout by the existing bus stop, buses will continue along Austen Drive and through the development in a clockwise direction as shown by the map.

View service 11 Tamworth - Dunstall Park timetable

Buses will continue to operate every 30 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays between 0700 and 1900. Whilst the departure times from Corporation Street remain the same, arrivals at Corporation Street will be 4 minutes later. 
All journeys from Corporation Street to Dunstall Park will depart from Stand Q.

65a Tamworth – Polesworth – Hurley - Kingsbury


A new evening service is being introduced on contract to Warwickshire County Council, with two journeys operating on Fridays and Saturdays only. 
Journeys commence from Ventura Park Asda at 2020 and 2220, and will continue to Corporation Street Stand O. From here, journeys will follow the same route as the daytime 65 to Dordon Long Street (A5) before continuing through Wood End, Piccadilly, Hurley and Kingsbury White Swan. 
One journey will commence from Kingsbury White Swan at 2119 and will continue through Dosthill, Two Gates, Fazeley Square and Ventura Park to Tamworth Victoria Road.

All valid Diamond multi journey tickets will be accepted for travel between Tamworth and Wood End, Piccadilly, Hurley, Kingsbury and Dosthill, without additional charge, on this service.

View service 65aTamworth – Polesworth – Hurley - Kingsbury timetable (coming soon)

765 Tamworth – Lichfield 


A new evening service is being introduced on contract to Staffordshire County Council with two round trips operating on Monday to Saturday evenings. Journeys commence from Tamworth Corporation Street at 2015 and 2125, and from Lichfield Bus Station at 2055 and 2155.

View service 765 Tamworth – Lichfield timetable

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