Changes to services 31W and 37W

From Monday 13th June 2022

From Monday 13 June 2022, we will be making changes to services 31W and 37W running from Winsford to Crewe or Sandbach.

The majority of journeys will be withdrawn, except for:
•    Service 31W - one early morning and one evening journey
•    Service 37W - evening journeys (after 7pm) will continue as normal.

We do not take service change decisions lightly. However, we are introducing changes to ensure the stability of our services between Northwich and Crewe.  Services 31 and 37 will continue to operate hourly (combining to provide a 30 minute service).

For the 31/31W timetable, please visit: 

For the 37/37W timetable, please visit

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