Changes to Bus Services in Buckinghamshire May 2024

From 19th May 2024

We will be making some changes to our services from 19 May in the area, details of which are below:

Service 2 will operate every 20 minutes during the daytime between High Wycombe & Booker.  The evening service is unaffected. 

Service 4 will be withdrawn. This service is supported by Buckinghamshire County Council and they are looking into finding a replacement operator to run this service. 

Service 5 will be withdrawn and replaced by service 7, which is detailed below.

Service 7 will change its routeing to run along Kingsmead Road replacing service 5.  London Road in Wycombe Marsh will no longer be served by route 7.  The combination of Services 6 and 7 will provide a 30 minute service between High Wycombe and Bourne End throughout the daytime. 

Service 10 will operate every 30 minutes between High Wycombe & Downley. The evening service is to be unaffected.

Service 12 will operate every 20 minutes between High Wycombe & Micklefield. The evening journeys will return to their previous routeing -  serving St Hughs Avenue towards Micklefield only.

Service X7 will operate every 30 minutes between Aylesbury & Oxford.  Service X8 short journeys will be withdrawn

Service X9 will operate every 30 minutes between High Wycombe & Aylesbury.

There will also be some minor changes to timetable on service 6/6A, 11, 13 and 800/850

These changes to service will help us to improve punctuality and reliability of your buses in the area.  

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