ArrivaClick Watford closure

From 31st December the ArrivaClick Watford service will be closed.

Arriva invested in ArrivaClick, a joint venture with Watford Borough Council, as a way of developing an additional public transport choice in the area.

It has attracted passengers, but sadly, not at the level needed to ensure it can be cost-effective for us as a business. Unfortunately, we had to take the very difficult decision to close the service.

Our aim is and always has been to make public transport the best environmentally-sustainable option for everyone and we do have an extensive bus network in and around Watford, so our customers can still rely on our buses to get around.

Why is the Arriva Click service in Watford closing?


The Arriva Click service in Watford is closing on 31st December 2023.  The service has been under review by Watford Borough Council and Arriva since 2020, and despite some improvements, it has not been able to achieve a sustainable level of ridership and revenue.

How can I travel around Watford after the Arriva Click service closes?


There are still many options for travelling around Watford after the Arriva Click service closes. You can use the regular bus services provided by Arriva and other operators, which cover most areas of the town and offer frequent and reliable services- click here for more information. You can also use the train services from Watford Junction and Watford High Street stations, which connect you to London and other destinations. 

I am a disabled person and I rely on the Arriva Click service for my mobility needs. What can I do after the service closes?


We understand that the Arriva Click service has been a valuable option for some disabled people who cannot use the regular bus service. We apologise for any inconvenience that the closure of the service may cause you. We want to assure you that there are specialist services available in Watford for more information please click here.

What will happen to my Arriva Click account and credits after the service closes?


If you have an Arriva Click account and credits, you will be able to use them until the last day of the service. After that, you will not be able to book any rides or access your account. Refunds for any unused credits will be processed automatically from 2nd January. To request a refund please [email protected] 

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